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The Evil Within Locker Key and Statue locations guide

Chapter 9 - The Cruelest Intentions

Key #23

When you arrive at the mansion, take a gander at the tree to the right of the front door. Some silly sod has wedged a statue in the branches. Shoot it to get the key.

Key #24

In the foyer of the mansion, take the doorway to the left, head through the dining room and follow the path all the way to the end. You'll know you're in the right place because there will be brain on the desk, prepped and ready for you to play with. On the shelves next to the door is the figurine containing a key.

Key #25

Pop up to the first floor of the mansion and head through the double doors. The statuette is balancing up near the skylight.

Key #26

On the first floor of the mansion, take the door on the left. Follow the corridor to the second corner, at which point a trap will trigger that will soon explain the broken tiles and marks on the floor. Once you've shot the red light and regained your composure, head back to the door at the corner of the corridor where you set off the trap and go through. The statuette is sitting on a table in here.

Key #27

At a later point in the chapter, Sebastian will find himself in a blazing barn. The path to freedom is through the window on the upper floor. Before you clamber through, set fire to the bales of hay to the right of the window. Once they've been frazzled, a figurine will be revealed.

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