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The Evil Within Locker Key and Statue locations guide

Chapter 7 - The Keeper

Key #16

Proceed through the chapter until you obtain the first lithograph, revealing access to a previously hidden room. To the left is a safe that Sebastian will open using nothing other than his detective skills and inside, you'll find a key.

Key #17

In the hub room where you place your first lithograph, take the door to the right. You'll enter a room with a broken spike trap resting on one wall and a lever and spike trap to the the left.

Pull the lever and hop on to the non-prickly top side of the spike trap. When it comes to a halt, look around at the pillars here to find a statuette containing a key.

Key #18

Continuing along this path, you'll come to a room with a gate that has to be cranked open. Beware of the Haunted that'll burst out of the room at the back and head through the gate once it's open.

When you reach a lever in front of the second lithograph, give it a yank to drop the spike trap behind you.

Climb aboard and duck into the alcove on the way up. Don't linger on the platform, or you'll get impaled on the second set of spikes above.

The key is in a box on the shrine up here.

Key #19

Remember this room? Remember when all of those Haunted came flooding out of the door back there? After you complete the right and then the left paths leading off from the hub room, make your way back here via the shortcut that will have opened up earlier and go through to the back room that the Haunted came from.

The noxious gas that was billowing around the stairs will have cleared up. Make your way down the steps, taking care not to set off the various trip wires and proximity bombs lining the walls.

At the end of the path, you'll find a figurine resting in the middle of some artfully arranged corpses. Smash it and grab the key.

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