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The Evil Within Locker Key and Statue locations guide

Chapter 6 - Losing Grip on Ourselves

Key #12

At the beginning of the chapter, walk down the path and head toward the building on the left.

Inside, you'll see a body swinging in the window. Light him up!

Hello...what have we here? Grab it and move on.

Key #13

After you and Joseph escape the horde and you pick up a sniper rifle, you'll engage in a short conversation and the camera will pan up to focus on the tower.

Whip out the sniper rifle and shoot the sucker down.

You'll find the key on the floor by the doors that will open up after you've cleared out the area.

Key #14

When you enter the abandoned marketplace, swing around to the right side of the map and follow the path.

When you reach the meat carcasses, smash up the crates to the right of them.

But what's this? A hidey-hole. Squeeze through immediately.

The statuette is waiting for you at the end of the path.

Key #15

After you enter the catacombs, you'll pop out into a cheerful looking room full of bagged-up bodies.

Go over to the left of the room and you'll see more bodies making their way along the side of the room via a strange conveyor system. Wait for the bag with the figurine to come pootling along and shoot it off. Be sure to shoot it when it reaches the stone platform, as Sebastian can't walk down the side areas, so if you miss it, it's gone.

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