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The Evil Within Locker Key and Statue locations guide

Chapter 13 - Casualties

Key #37

After you get separated from Joseph, you'll spot a figurine in room 502 in the hotel, but it isn't accessible from here, so continue down to the next floor, where you'll hear a sound that turns out to be the Keeper.

When you approach the room, watch your step because there's a tripwire in the corridor. Once he's buggered off, enter the room and look up at the hole in the ceiling. You can shoot the figurine on the floor above, and the key will fall straight down.

Key #38

Shortly after visiting the save area for the second time, you'll drop down through a hole in the floor. Head through the door ahead and you'll see the statuette perched on the pallets to the right.

Key #39

After Ruvik shows up and makes a royal mess of the kitchen, disable the entrants for Robot Wars with electric bolts, then head to the other side of the counter to the left.

The statuette is sitting on the side.

Key #40

After you escape the meat-locker, take a peek into the dumbwaiter next to the one you just came out of. It looks like your porcelain pal had similar problems. End its suffering by smashing it to smithereens.

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