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The Evil Within collectibles locations guide

Chapter 7 - The Keeper

Get used to this metal mug, because the two of you will get acquainted at the end of the chapter. Just have plenty of freeze bolts and sniper rifle ammo to hand and you'll get along just fine. In the meantime, pick up these collectibles on the way to meeting your new friend.

Map #13

At the start of the chapter, head over to the pulpit to grab the Map Fragment.

Document #9

It's a linear path all the way to the wall where you'll hack off your first lithograph. Once you've done this, you'll gain access to the room beyond. The Document is sitting on a table in here, over to the right.

Personal Document #7

You'll eventually pop out in this hub room. Head over to the bloodied door on the back wall, on the right.

In here, you'll find the magic mirror to the save area and a Personal Document.

Newspaper #11

The Newspaper will be in its usual place in the save area.

Missing Person Poster #6

While you're in the save area, grab the Missing Person Poster from the notice board.

Audiotape #4

In the hub room, place the first lithograph into the central stone plinth and the doors on either side of the room will open. Go through the door to the right and into the room with a large, broken spike trap resting against the wall.

The Audiotape is on the table at the back of the room.

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