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The Evil Within collectibles locations guide

Chapter 5 - Inner Recesses

This chapter will see Sebastian finding some familiar faces, but not all of them will be appreciated.

Personal Document #4

At the beginning of the chapter, head inside the green door.

The Personal Document is on the table in here.

Newspaper #5

Zap through the mirror to the save area and reclaim the newspaper that the nurse had the gall to take from the newspaper stand, ruffle the pages up with her reading and then neglected to replace it from whence it came. The newspapers are for victims of twisted mental experiments/ shared hallucinations/ nightmarish visions only. Bring a book, sheesh!

Map Fragment #8

Exit the room to the save area and look on the floor to the left just ahead of you, to find a map fragment.

Audiotape #2

You'll eventually come to a room with peep holes in 3 of the walls. When you peek through them, a door will materialise next to them. Go through the white door to find a desk with an Audiotape on top of it.

Document #5

Pop through the blue door to find the Personal Document on a coffee table in the corner.

Map Fragment #9

Soon, you'll be reunited with Joseph. Once the hugging is over, you'll shimmy up a ladder and in the area at the top, you'll see a Map Fragment on the floor.

Newspaper #6

Head through the single, bloody door after you grab the Map Fragment, and on into the save area. You'll be pleased to notice that the nurse has restocked the newsstand with a fresh paper for your reading pleasure.

Personal Document #5

Before long, you'll be on your own again and stumbling through another bloodied green door.

The Personal Document will be on the mattress next to the nude, headless mannequin. Don't ask.

Map Fragment #10

The Map Fragment is on the floor next to the pile of rubble, at the foot of the bed.

Newspaper #7

Head on over to the other side via the mirror and grab yourself a crisp paper from the newsstand in the lobby.

Missing Person Poster #4

Do a 180 and yank this off the notice board.

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