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The Evil Within collectibles locations guide

Chapter 4 - The Patient

There's a very big and very pink secret that you can find at the start of this chapter before you do anything and it's name is Porkins. Probably. Run to the bonfire and save the damsel in distress, then shoot down and burn the bodies hanging up in the shed to the right of the bonfire, the corpse hanging near the bonfire in the open, then backtrack to the point you started from and (facing the bonfire again), follow the path to the right to find one more hanging cadaver. Once you've ticked off these prerequisites, this giant fellow will be waiting for you, full of 1000 gel. Take him out in one with an explosive bolt and mop up his delicious juices.

Map Fragment #5

From the start point of the chapter, turn left and approach the building down here. Don't be too eager to go up the stairs straight away, as this hut is occupado, which you'll soon discover.

Once you've dealt with that unpleasantness, pop inside to find the Map Fragment.

Personal Document #3

Back at the start point, you'll notice a hut ahead and to the right, the door smeared in blood and something glowing in the midst of it all.

The glowing object is another excerpt from Sebastian's diary, pinned to the door for any old passerby to have a good old nose in.

Newspaper #4

Beyond the bloody door is a mirror to the save area. Go through, into the lobby and pick up your paper from the newspaper stand.

Missing Person Poster #3

As usual, this will be adorning the notice board in the lobby of the save area.

Map Fragment #6

Swing by your room in the save area and you'll find this Map Fragment on the floor.

Map Fragment #7

The oddball nurse is acting even more so during this visit. Follow her down the corridor to the cells and when she finishes talking to you, one of the other doors will open.

Pop in here and take the Map Fragment from the left-hand side of the room.

Document #4

Using the start point for reference once more, follow the path to the right and head inside the house on the right-hand side.

Approach the doorway full of junk and squeeze through the crack.

In the room beyond is an alcove where you'll find the Document on a bed.

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