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The Evil Within collectibles locations guide

Chapter 3 - Claws of the Horde

Your friendly neighbourhood Chainsaw Guy is back in this chapter, so it's advisable to kill all minions as you sweep the area for collectibles before he's unleashed. If you see anyone who doesn't look quite as dead as they should, they probably aren't. Burn the suckers!

Personal Document #2

At the start of this area, you'll see a line of bodies strung up ahead of you. Enter the house to the right of them.

Once again, someone's gone a bit mental with the blood spatter decor in here, but despite the creepy vibe, you'll want to go through the door splashed in human blood.

The Personal Document is on the table.

Map Fragment #4

After you pick up the Personal Document, the mirror will crack and you'll be joined by thousands of new, tiny friends, scurrying about all over the place. Look on the floor by the door and you'll spot the Map Fragment they've brought you.

Newspaper #3

Travel through the looking glass in this same room to arrive at the save area. Visit the lobby and peruse the newspaper stand to find a newspaper.

Missing Person Poster #2

Check the notice board in the lobby of the save area for the Missing Person Poster.

Audiotape #1

After the cutscene, backtrack to where the bodies were hanging and pass through to the next part of the map that's now accessible. The doctor hotfooted it into the house on the right, and you'll want to follow him in there. Be wary of the enemies patrolling inside and the shooter across the map. Make your way to the top floor to have a brief exchange with the doctor, who's taking a well-earned breather in the attic, then listen to the audiotape on the sofa.

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