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The Evil Within collectibles locations guide

Chapter 15 - An Evil Within

You've made it to the final chapter! Things are about to get weird, but don't let that distract your from hoovering up the last of the collectibles.

Personal Document #16

Sebastian will wake up in the save area. Head through to the lobby and grab the Personal Document from the desk.

Missing Person Poster #14

Before leaving the save area to start the final chapter proper, take the poster from the notice board.

Audiotape #9

Now that you're back in the hospital, head to the basement and scoot down the ladder. The audiotape is already playing, so if anything, you want to find it and shut off Ruvik's maudlin whining. When you reach the foot of the ladder, take the first left to turn it off.

Document #16

Follow Leslie until you're back in the sewer-esque area from the beginning of the game. The wheelchair is empty this time around, but there's a new document in place of the one you picked up at the start.

Audiotape #10

Continue along the linear route through the chapter and you'll eventually find yourself at the foot of a spiral staircase at the bottom of the lighthouse. Head upstairs and through the first door on the right to find the audiotape.

Map Fragment #28

After a short ride in an elevator, Sebastian will be outside. Head through the door on the left.

Follow the stairs to the bottom where you'll find the Map Fragment.

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