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The Evil Within collectibles locations guide

Chapter 14 - Ulterior Motives

Prepare yourself for a new nightmare in the form of Cthulu's kid brother. But you're almost at the finish line, so suck it up and stock up on explosive bolts, the answer to pretty much any problem in the game.

Map #26

At the start of the chapter, head through the first door you come across on the right. The map is on a desk to the right, next to the Lost and Found.

When you reach the toilets on the left of the subway, go through the door to the right to find the Personal Document resting on top of the loo, next to the mirror to the save area.

Newspaper #21

Grab the newspaper from the newsstand in the save area, after entering via the public toilets.

Missing Person Poster #12

Pick up the poster from the notice board while in the save area.

Personal Document #15

After you leave the subway and encounter the gelatinous substance popping up everywhere, you'll soon run across the familiar bloodied door that leads to the save area. The Personal Document is just through here.

Missing Person Poster #13

Pop on through to the save area and swipe this from the notice board.

Newspaper #22

You'll find the newspaper during the visit to the save area, but this time, it's on the floor behind the reception desk.

Map #27

Once you've been attacked by Quell (even squid monsters have names), you'll find another door to the save area. The map is through here on the right.

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