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The Evil Within collectibles locations guide

Chapter 11 - Reunion

Sebastian is in the not-so-great outdoors and finds a few familiar faces. He'll also meet a new one, in the form of a ravenous, fish-monster, who has a taste for Detectives and hanging corpses.

Map Fragment #21

The chapter will start you off outside. When you enter the first building, you'll enter a room with a jukebox.

Turn right and head through the door into the room beyond to pick up the Map Fragment.

Newspaper #18

During your first visit to the save room, grab the paper from the newsstand.

Missing Person Poster # 10

Take this from the notice board in the save area.

Map Fragment #22

After the precarious lift ride, drop down to the level below and check under the ramp next to the chasm to find the Map Fragment.

Audiotape #8

When you enter the office building, check the wall to the left to find the Audiotape next to the microwave, and opposite the door to the save area.

Personal Document #11

The door to the save area is in the office building. The Personal Document is on a shelf in here.

Map Fragment #23

Soon after saving Kidman, you'll come to the blue door above.

Immediately after going through, turn left to see an alley with a mannequin and Map Fragment at the end. You'll need to smash the mannequin to get to the Map.

Personal Document #12

Shortly after spotting Joseph, you'll find another door to the save area. There's a Personal Document on the floor to the right of the mirror.

Newspaper #19

Enter the save area and pick up the newspaper here.

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