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The Evil Within collectibles locations guide

Chapter 10 - The Craftman's Tools

Prepare yourself for an horrific chapter, full of traps and boss fights. If you can stop yourself from dashing through to escape the nightmare, you can grab these collectibles on the way.

Document #15

The first document can be collected at the start of the chapter, to the left of door to the save area.

Newspaper #15

The newspaper will be in its usual place in the save area.

Map Fragment #18

Once you've turned off the machine of death, go through the door at the end of the corridor next to the ladder with corpses strewn around it. The Map Fragment is on the shelf.

Map Fragment #19

Once you've activated a bunch of traps and fought the first miniboss, you'll start to make your way back to the main room. You'll have to go through a crawlspace to get there, and this is where you'll find the next Map Fragment.

Audiotape #7

After a change of scenery, you'll end up in an eery corridor with what looks to be a Resident Evil 2 callback to the first glimpse of the Licker in the police station. Follow the corridor to the room at the end. The Audiotape is on a bed in here.

Personal Document #10

Enter the door to the save area. You'll find the Personal Document in here.

Newspaper #16

Pick this up from the front desk when you're passing through the save area.

Missing Person Poster #8

Take this off the notice board in the save area.

Map Fragment #20

Near the end of the chapter, you'll face Laura and find yourself in the mansion foyer again. The Map Fragment is in front of the door to the left.

Newspaper #17

After the cutscene with Leslie, pay a visit to the save area and take newspaper from the newsstand.

Missing Person Poster #9

Swipe this from the notice board in the save area.

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