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The Evil Within collectibles locations guide

Chapter 9 - The Cruelest Intentions

Sebastian gets to try some experiments of his own in Ruvic's mansion full of brains. Be warned that the man himself will appear at random intervals as you explore the mansion and you'll need to run away with your tail between your legs until he disappears. If he catches up to you, you're dead.

Newspaper #13

At the start of the chapter, Sebastian will awake in the save area. The newspaper is on the front desk.

Map Fragment #15

When Sebastian materialises at the top of the path leading to the mansion, take a look at the crumbling remains of a pillar to his right to find the Map Fragment.

Personal Document #9

Once you're inside the mansion foyer, go through the bloodied door that leads to the save area. The Personal Document is inside.

Newspaper #14

Check the newsstand in the save area for the newspaper.

Missing Person Poster #7

Grab this while you're in the save area.

Document #12

From the mansion foyer, go through to the dining room on the left to pick up the Document from the table.

Document #13

Head upstairs to the library and out into the corridor beyond. Pop into the first door on the left and you'll find the Document on the desk.

Map Fragment #16

After collecting the Document #13, head back into the corridor and around the corner. The Map Fragment is through the door on the right, next to the bath.

Audiotape #6

After triggering the trap in the corridor, follow it all the way to the end. The Audiotape will be in the room here, on a table.

Document #14

From the mansion foyer, take the door on the right. Follow the path to the very end and you'll find the Document on the floor, beneath the safe.

Map Fragment #17

After the portion of the chapter involving giant mannequin heads, you'll find yourself in a study. The Map Fragment is on the desk in front of you.

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