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Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two side quest guide

Mean Street South: Finding the Hidden Heroes [Part 6]

While timbering and ascending trees in the wooded section, this Mickey face can be seen on one of the trees.

In the wooded area, you can find this Mickey face in the waterfall with the treasure chest.

On the immediate other side of the cuckoo clock entrance, look into the upper right corner to find this Oswald face.

In the Floatyard, thin out the face of the giant puppeteer to reach a cave. The cracked ceiling in here registers as a Mickey face.

An Oswald face can be seen on the side of a soldier’s helmet in the canyon.

This seems to be another glitched spot. The puppet legs count as a landmark for “The Encyclopedia Wastelandica,” but within almost the same exact frame your shot will register as a Mickey face.

In Prescott’s Arena, this candy arrangement apparently resembles Oswald. It may be another glitched spot.

Along the southern wall, this pumpkin head counts as a Mickey face.

In Ventureland, thin out this patch of ground near the mast to reveal a Mickey face.

Thin out the side of the Little Pigs’ tree house to reveal a (hard-to-see) Oswald face.

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