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Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two side quest guide

Mean Street South: The Wasteland Limited [Part 1]

You’ll need for TV Sketch for this. You can purchase it in the Shanty Shop in Bog Easy for 250 tickets.

Return to the station and have Oswald activate the pad. Now return to the conductor.

Use the TV Sketch repeatedly to lure him to his booth. Speak to him again to complete this stage of the quest.

The final Train Station is in Ventureland. You’ll need to clear the debris to open the station.

Enter Tiki Sam’s, the nearby shop. Here, you can purchase the Anvil Sketch for 250 tickets.

Use the Anvil Sketch on the debris blocking the station to clear it up. Speak to the conductor to complete this phase of the quest.

Return to Mean Street South and speak to the conductor once more to complete the quest.

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