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Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two side quest guide

Bog Easy: Out of Toon

Upon returning to Bog Easy, you can find Rolly hanging by the defunct jug band. He’ll ask you to repair the band to help his friend.

Paint in the instruments and hit the switch to line up the band with their appropriate instruments. Have Oswald use his remote on the pad to complete the restoration.

Speak to Rolly again, and he’ll ask you to restore the toon in the rest of Bog Easy. Fill in every paintable spot in Bog Easy (yes, every one) and return to him to complete the quest.

Alternatively, speak to Louis in his shack in the same area. He’ll ask you to destroy the jug band instead.

Use thinner on the receptacle on the roof to destroy the band, and return to Louis to complete the quest.

Bog Easy: Donald’s Date

Return to Bog Easy after completing it to find Donald in the Old Town section. He’s late for his date and needs you to help get his boat repaired.

Speak to Gremlin Sparks in his forge, which needs its power restored.

Shock the pads that appear in the area to unveil another pad atop the forge. Shock this to power the forge. Alternatively, you can give Sparks some scrap metal for the repairs. Once repaired, you’ll need to get a gear for Donald’s boat.

To obtain the gear, head to the Old Town section. Speak to Gilbert in the graveyard to obtain a replica gear. Giving this gear to Sparks moves the quest forward, but it results in the “bad” quest ending.

For the better quest ending, arrange the tombstones in the graveyard as shown in the screen shot above. This opens up a door with the real gear behind it.

Give either gear to Gremlin Sparks, and speak to Donald to send him on his way, completing the quest.

Blot Alley: Clothes Make the Splatter

To get this quest one way, you’ll first need to complete Blot Alley the “good” way. This means painting in every enemy to make them friendly. Avoid thinning out or attacking any Blotlings during your trip, and you’ll be fine. Once you’ve done this, return to Blot Alley and speak with Ian, who wants to make clothes for the Splatters. All four costumes Ian requires can be purchased from the Haberdasher on Main Street South. Return to Ian with all four costumes to complete the quest.

The other way to start this quest is by giving Clarabelle the Flower Costume Hat as part of the “Horace’s Assistant Assistance Quest.” To complete it for Clarabelle, you’ll need five more Flower Costumes. These can all be purchased from the Haberdasher on Main Street South. With all five costumes in hand, return to Clarabelle to complete the quest.

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