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Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two side quest guide

Ostown: The Bunny Wranglers [Part 2]

The next set of bunnies is in the second diorama in the Train Tunnels. Three can be found on the ground level.

The fourth bunny is sitting up in the rafters.

The last bunny can be found in the northeast corner of the room.

Another set of bunnies can be found in Fort Wasteland. You’ll see the first upon entering the wooded area.

The second is on a ledge right above where you enter the wooded area.

Another is atop the giant bull’s head.

The final two bunnies are on the ledge across from the bull’s head.

The final set of bunnies is in the Floatyard. When you reach the house at the end of the level, all five will be running around the house lawn.

Once you’ve collected every set of bunnies, return to Ortensia or Paulie (whomever you sent the bunnies to) to complete the quest.

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