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Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two side quest guide

Ostown: The Bunny Wranglers [Part 1]

Once you start Chapter 2, speak to Ortensia in her house in Ostown. She’ll ask you to wrangle up the bunny children scattered around Wasteland. You can also speak to Paulie in the Ice Cream Shop in Mean Street North for this quest, but you’ll have to complete it for Ortensia to complete “Thanks for the Memories.”

The first adorable bunny baby is near the Train Station in Mean Street South. Make sure you use Oswald to reprogram the tube before sending the bunny off – this sends it to Ortensia rather than Paulie.

The next two bunnies are atop the firehouse roof in the same area. You’ll have to smack them around to move them towards the tube.

The last two bunnies Mean Street South are atop the Emporium roof.

The next set of bunnies is found in Disney gulch. One skips around near the tube itself.

Two more are hopping around in the Guardian Pool.

Another hangs around the train.

The last bunny is inside the saloon.

The next set of bunnies is in Blot Alley, and they are all scampering around Club 13. Head there to herd them all up.

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