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Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two side quest guide

Mean Street North: Creative Threedom [Part 3]

The third is on a rooftop in the northeast part of the Old Town.

Finally, head to Ventureland. The first telephone box is on the side of Daisy’s house.

The second is on the side of Tiki Sam’s.

The last is attached the Little Pigs’ tree house. Once you’ve painted in every telephone box in every area, return to the Little Pigs’ tree house. Speak to Practical to find out that his brothers have run off again. That means you’ll have to find them…again.

You’ll find Fiddler in Ortensia’s house in Ostown.

You’ll find Fifer on the ledge by the lift in Disney Gulch.

Return to the tree house one final time and speak to Practical to complete the quest.

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