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Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two side quest guide

Mean Street North: Creative Threedom [Part 1]

Speak to Fifer Pig in the Cinema to learn that his two brothers are missing. He’ll stay put until you bring them back.

Once you complete “Goofy’s Fountain Mishap,” you can enter Mickey’s house in Ostown to find Practical Pig.

Once you get behind the massive gate in Fort Wasteland (the area where you fight the Slobber), thin out this rock to find a doorway. Inside you’ll find Fiddler Pig.

After finding the pigs, reaching Ventureland, and repairing the lift, you’ll be able to reach the Little Pig’s tree house.

At this point, you have a few options to complete the quest. Option one is to speak to Fiddler Pig for his plan for the group, which is to work off their debt at the cinema in Mean Street South. Speak to the Usher there and agree to his offer to complete the quest.

You can also speak to Practical Pig and donate 5000 tickets to help the group to move the quest forward. Finally, you can give Practical Pig either the Stradivarius Violin found under the Ostown fountain, or give him the Fiddle available for purchase at Tiki Sam’s.

Donating the tickets or giving Practical one of the instruments moves his quest line forward. The next step is to get Wasteland’s telephone network running. Head to Mickey’s house in Ostown and speak to his telephone to learn more. Mickey’s telephone informs him that there are three telephone boxes to paint in each hub world. We’ll start with Ostown.

The first is on the side of Mickey’s house.

The second is by the DEC entrance in the south end of the area.

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