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Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two side quest guide

Mean Street North: The Encyclopedia Wastelandica [Part 2]

In the third diorama, head to the picture spot in the rafters to snap a photo of the Blot.

When you enter Fort Wasteland, you’ll pass by a photo spot. Pull out your camera to snap an easy picture of the fort’s cannons.

In the wooded section of Fort Wasteland, ascend the trees until you reach the giant bull’s head. From the picture spot up here, you can get a good shot of the woods below.

The next landmark is the canyon in the Floatyard. When you reach the slope with the rolling beach balls, ascend the ledges until you reach the Goofy plates. Across from them is a ledge with the picture spot.

In the southwestern section of the Floatyard you can ascend some steps to a ledge with a picture spot. From here, you can get a shot of the puppet legs, the next landmark.

When you reach Autotopia, thin out these trees to the left of the starting point to reveal a ledge. Have Oswald toss you up there.

From this area, you can snap a photo of the control tower, another landmark.

The final landmark can also be found in Autotopia. At the third control tower, hop up the stacked cars in the southwest section of the area to reach a picture spot.

From here, you can get a nice photo of the control tower.

Return to Adelle in the photo shop with a photo of every landmark to complete the quest.

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