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Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two side quest guide

Mean Street North: The Encyclopedia Wastelandica [Part 1]

Speak with Adelle her shop to acquire the camera. She’ll then ask you to take photos of landmarks at special picture spots all over the world. There are several to find.

The first is in Rainbow Falls. Once you move through the Prince Charming/Snow White door, snap a picture of the falls on the far side of the room.

The angel statute in Rainbow Caverns is another landmark. There are photo spots on both the angel and devil sides of the level, so take your pick.

The next landmark is the saloon in Disney Gulch. You can snap the photo from the sign in the northern area of the gulch.

Also in Disney Gulch, take the elevator near where you snapped the saloon photo to reach a ledge. From here, you can get a nice shot of the Guardian Pool.

The next landmark can’t be found until you reach Blot Alley. It’s the inkwell found early in the level.

Just after completing the rotating key puzzle, hop up to the ledge with the picture spot to snap a photo of the square. It’s the next landmark.

When you near Club 13, hop onto the awning on the eastern edge of the area. From here, you can snap a picture of the paint pool below.

In the Train Tunnels, each fully restored diorama counts as a landmark. After fixing the Clock Tower, ascend the platforms and snap a photo from the picture spot.

In the second diorama, snap a picture of the restored snow globe.

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