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End of Nations E3 trailer is predicting an eSports-filled future

Trion's End of Nations looks to blend together two fairly different genres: the MMO and the RTS. The result, as we explained in our End of Nations preview, ends up feeling more like a Dota 2/League of Legends-like MOBA than a traditional RTS. That's not a bad thing, mind you - we quite like it so far. Trion thinks you'll like it too, so much that it has put together a trailer that doesn't actually show off how the game will work.

Instead, it looks to the future. In this trailer, Trion shows what a speculative eSports match of the game will look like, attempting to grab the attention of the competitive community by showing off a high-level eSports event, complete with rowdy announcers detailing the events. It's a little silly at first, but it does its job of showing the potential of the MMORTS hybrid.

We'll be seeing the game next week at E3, so be sure to let us know if there's anything you want to hear about End of Nations.