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Dragon's Dogma quest guide

Act III: Main Quests

Reward and Responsibility
Reward: 20,000xp/10,000+g/Paladin’s Mantle

Return to the castle and talk to Aldous. He will ask that you finish up any quests that you have remaining now. If you're ready to go, accept his question and then follow him up the stairs to the Duke’s Solar. Once there, follow the Duke to the treasury and collect all the goodies lying around. Once you have everything, a messenger will run in and say that Salvation has taken over the Greatwall. The Duke will ask that you go there immediately, setting you up for the next quest.

Deny Salvation

Reward: 30,000xp/40,000g

For this quest, you will need to make your way all the way northwest to the Greatwall which is beyond the path to Heavenspeak Fort. When you reach the Greatwall, you need to use the camp there and then run like mad through the gates. When you enter, there will be two cyclopes and many harpies in the yard. Ignore them and run forward and to the left to find a doorway that you can use to enter the keep. Follow the stairs up and you will come to a soldier behind a locked gate scared by a chimera. Kill it using the ballista in the room and then go through the now open gate. Follow the stairs to another fight with a rather brutal undead knight.

Defeat him with quick hits and by getting out of the way of his charges and then climb the stairs to face off against a few more Skele-Mages and finally Elysion will show up. He will turn his two followers into wights for you to face. If you have a bow, they are rather easy to deal with, but if you don’t, you will need to wait for them to summons undead that will then attack you. Kill the undead that spawn and then the two wights will float close enough to the ground for you to attack. Once they’re dead, watch the cinematic and the quest will complete.

Duchess in Distress (Side Quest)

Rescue the Duchess
Reward: 25,000xp/35,000g

When you accept the quest for “Deny Salvation” this quest will become available to you as you leave the Duke’s palace. Look for Mirabelle on the right as you exit and she will tell you that the Duke has the Duchess locked up in the Blighted Manse. She will give you a suit of armor so that you can sneak in to rescue her – make sure you have some space in your inventory and are not over encumbered. Once you are ready, travel to the Manse wearing the armor and enter.

Follow the path to the Duchess’s room and watch the scene. Now you will need to escape with her and can don your regular armor as you’ll be hacking through guards to get out. When you get near the entrance, she will tell you to take another route. Follow it and at times she will ask you to carry her over the gaps. You can carry her and jump, or just toss her over. Continue through and eventually you will meet up with your pawns at the exit for one last battle. Exit the Manse and another scene will play as the quest completes.

The Final Battle

Reward: Dragon Leather Vest

As you finish the cutscene, you will need to head back to Hillfigure Knoll to talk to the Dragonforged. If you still have the port crystal on you, you will want to drop it here at the Greatwall since you will be coming right back. Use a Ferrystone to get to Gran Soren and then hike up to the Hillfigure Knoll. Enter the cave and talk to the Dragonforged and he will explain a few things about “things.” Once you're done, he will tell you that you need to go to the Tainted Mountains, which are located just behind the Greatwall. Make your way there – hopefully through the port crystal.

Once you enter the Mountain, you will have to fight past some Geosaurians, hellhounds, and a tougher chimera before you reach the end gate. Most, however, can just be dealt with by running past them if you don’t feel like fighting. When you reach the Chimera, however, you need to hit the 4 pressure plates in the corner of each room to open the door. Either have your pawns join you on the plates to pressure them, or have the Chimera come close and press them for you.

Once the door opens, head through for another cinematic. Here you will be forced to make a choice. You can either walk away from the dragon, allowing him to kill one person you love, which will then make you the Duke of Gransys and the dragon will leave in peace(-ish) ooooooor you can choose to fight the dragon. If you choose to walk away, a scene will play, the credits will roll and the game is over.

Buuuuuuut…..Not Quite.

The Final Battle Continued

Reward: 80,000xp/65,000g/All equipped gear Dragon Forged

If you chose to walk away, and the game ended, you will have the option to load your last game and choose to fight the dragon now. Walk towards the dragon and the battle will start. It is a very long and drawn out battle that is in a few different sequences. For the first sequence, you will simply need to run away from it. Keep running until the dragon gets its head stuck and then start to go to town on it. Once you have hit it enough, the dragon will break through the wall and come after you again. Head to the right side of the area and use the columns there for cover. Continue to hit the dragon until it does his freak out and creates a hole in the cave roof and flies out.

Once it does, head up the stairs and then you will need to run across the stone wall to reach the far side as the dragon swoops in and breathes fire at you. Use the broken walls for cover and keep moving, making sure you don’t fall off. When you get to the end, you’ll have to run across another wall to reach another building at the end. Now there will be a short cutscene and you will end up on the dragons back. Climb your way forward and start to hack and slash at the glowing spot between his wings.

Now comes the hard part. This is the final sequence of the battle and it takes place on the ground. You will need to whittle away the dragon’s health bit by bit. To take the most damage off him, you'll need to hit the glowing spot of his heart, on its chest. There are ballistae around the perimeter of the area as well as health items a plenty. The ballistae will survive one shot from the dragon, so use them wisely. If you have ranged attacks then shoot the dragon in the heart until it collapses on the ground. When it does collapse, get in close and use your best attacks while it isn’t moving. If you are a melee fighter, get in close to the dragons front legs and climb up. Shimmy over to his heart and get to stabbing as much as you can. It’s a long battle and will take many potions to survive, but once you do, you will be back in a newly transformed Gransys.

A Warm Welcome

After the long cutscene with the dragon, you will arrive back in Cassardis, in your house. You will now need to make your way to the castle in Gran Soren and talk to the Duke in his Solar. Enter the castle and then climb the stairs to reach his room at the far end. When you enter, another scene will play and you will then be forced to fight him. You can defeat the Duke as easily as kicking around an old man, so when you have beaten him, another scene will play, and you will now need to make your way towards the city gates to exit. As you almost arrive, another scene will play and you will find yourself in the Everfall.

Fathom Deep

Reward: 75,000xp

Now that you are in Everfall, it’s not exactly the same way as it was the last time you were here. Now that you are finally back on solid ground, talk to Quince and she'll ask that you gather wakestones and bring them back to her. Basically you need to gather 20 wakestones and then you will be able to move on from the Everfell. To get started, you’ll need to enter the first chamber called the Chamber of Confusion. Inside you’ll find the Evil Eye, a large beholder type of enemy that uses a shield most of the time. To defeat it, wait for its shield to go down, and then hit it in the eye.

To get its shield down, attack its tentacles around the area or let it gobble up one of your pawns. When it’s eating, it will be open to attack. Once you hit the bugger enough times, you’ll be able to leave the chamber and explore the Everfell more. There are many levels to the Everfell with a chamber on each level. Each chamber holds different types of enemies and none are to be taken lightly. One may have chimeras and wights, while the next may have goblins along with two cockatrices.

Each of the enemies you kill has a chance of dropping a wakestone or a shard – the bigger enemies offer more of a chance to drop them than the smaller ones. Also be sure to look in chests and breakable boxes for the odd stone as well. Keep in mind that you are able to travel back to the Pawn Guild in Gran Soren by either going to the top level of the Everfall or by using a Ferrystone. Once you finally have the 20 stones, talk to Quince again and you can now jump into the center to complete the quest.

Final Judgement

When you arrive in the cloudy area and speak to the Seneschal, you will have to deal with his form twice. Hem is rather simple to beat in both his Trial of Power and Trial of Will parts. If you use a bow, you can simply walk sideways while shooting at him and defeat him without even getting hit. If you need to get close, hack away quickly as he has a strong blast but doesn’t stand up well to damage. Once you have beaten him twice, you will then have the choice of going forward or going backwards.

If you go backwards, you will get the achievement/trophy for choosing the peaceful way to go and will end up in Cassardis, where you began. If you go towards the gate to leave the town, the game will end and you will get sent back to where you made the choice of going forward or backwards. When you go forwards, you will have to fight through several people that appear in your way, but they take one hit each and don’t deal enough damage to worry about. Once you get to the end of the tunnel, you will have to fight against the Seneschal and his pawn. Neither is all that tough, but take out the pawn first. Once you have defeated both, another scene will play and you will come into possession of the Godsbane and end the quest.

The Great Hereafter

Reward: 90,000xp

Now that you’re the boss of everything, you can sit in the chair and be transported to Cassardis. As you can see, you are now invisible and can wander around. Although there isn’t much you can do, other than making it look like ghosts are messing around with the people of the town. Whenever you try to leave, you will be transported back to the clouds and to your throne. When you are there, use the Godsbane in your inventory and you will hold it in front of you. Press X/square to use it and you will get treated to another long cutscene which will eventually lead to the final and true ending of the game.