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Dragon's Dogma quest guide

Act II: Side Quests

Deeper Trouble

Reward: 6,000xp/8,000g

When you return to Cassardis, you will hear a voice coming from the well you already cleared out. Hop down and you will find there are more monsters in the well. And, of course, they need to be cleared out. Go back to where you first fought the Saurians and you will see there is now another cave opening there. Enter it and you will find a whole slew of Saurian eggs on the walls. Get to destroying them and all the Saurians that show up, including the big momma. Once they are all smashed, return to the entrance of the well and talk to Rorric to complete the quest.

Witch Hunt

Reward: 10,000xp/20,000g

When you return to the Fountain Square after your first meeting with the Duke, talk to Brice and he will tell you that Selene is in trouble. Head all the way south to Witchwood, and when you reach Selene’s hut a golem to the right will awaken. To take it down hit the glowing discs on it until they all shatter. Once it's down, go through the door that it was blocking and follow the river around to the Guardian’s Grave. Speak to Selene and Sofia to learn more about the role of pawns. Once the conversation is over, the quest will be complete.

Nameless Terror

Reward: 12,000xp/30,000g

There will be a time during the second act when you leave Gran Soren and a guard named Ser Rickert will stop you. He will warn you that a strange character approached him asking about your whereabouts. Rickert warns you to be wary of an ambush, and rightly so. To find these foes, you will need to visit 5 locations at night and get ambushed by them. You will know that they are the enemies you need to defeat for the quest because they will have proper names to them when they speak as opposed to “bandit.” The locations where you can find them are:

  • Outside the Ancient Quarry mines at night, near the mining hut, south of the Withered Forest.
  • Just over the bridge to the north of Gran Soren that crosses the river and leads to the Conquest Road.
  • On the road between the Encampment and Cassardis, next to the Unusual Beach.
  • Just north of the Mountain Waycastle on the path that leads to Gran Soren through the mountains.
  • For the final ambush, which will only appear after the first 4 have been dealt with, is only a small battle against one enemy named Zero. To find him, travel to the entrance of Cassardis and he will appear while taunting you. Take him down and this quest will finally be over.

An Innocent Man

Inquire around Gran Soren about Tomlin’s Father
Reward: 6,000xp/10,000g

When you visit Cassardis, head down to the beach to find Tomlin roaming about. He will talk about his father being a gardener in Gran Soren at the castle and he has gone missing. Head back to the castle and talk to the guard there. He will mention a fellow was locked up in the dungeon, so head there through the castle and talk to Ansell in his cell. Use a skeleton key to open his cell and then lead him out to the aqueduct where he will meet up with Tomlin to finish the quest.

Honor and Treachery

Reward: 15,000/40,000g

After talking to Aldous, leave Gran Soren to help some soldiers at the Mountian Waycastle. Go to the Waycastle and speak to the guard there and he will tell you to go back to Gran Soren. Use a ferrystone to make it faster and then head to the field area. A cockatrice will be attacking the area. For this battle you will want to have plenty of secret softener in case the cockatrice uses Petrify on you. If you do get hit, you will slowly start to turn to stone and eventually die. To defeat the cockatrice a bit easier, use the barns and buildings as shelter and obstacles to quickly hide from its breath attack. Once you have hit the giant bird enough, go and talk to Aldous and you will complete the quest.

Idol Worship

Reward: 3,500xp/10,000g

When you see that Caxton has his quest available by the “?” over his head, all you need to do is give an idol to him. Which idol you give is up to you. There’s the gold idol you receive from Symone in the previous quest, the silver from the Pawn Guild Notice Board quest for killing the Cyclops, and the bronze idol from the Dragonforged’s cave. Once you give him the idol, the quest will complete.

No Honor Among Thieves

Reward: Badge of Amity/3,500xp/4,000g

When you talk to Maul at the Ruins of Aernst Castle, he will offer you a quest to earn his admiration. Head northwest of Gran Soren, towards the Heavenspeak Fort and along the way you will come across all-female bandits. Kill ten of them and then return to Maul and he will give you his Badge of Amity as the quest is completed.

Thick as Thieves

Reward: 5,000xp/8,000g

Much like the quest you went on to prove yourself to Maul, you will need to do the same for Ophis. Talk to her across the bridge in Heavenspeak Fort and she will want you to go to the south of Gransys to kill 10 bandits. If you haven’t been to the fort before, you will either need to have all females with you or have your males dressed as females. If not you will get attacked on site when you enter. Once you kill the bandits, return to Ophis to get the amity for your troubles.

Arousing Suspicion

Reward: 6,000xp/10,000g

When you enter the castle after the verdict for Fournival has been read, Mirabelle will just be inside the first set of doors. Talk to her and she will tell you that the Duchess wants to talk to you. You need to meet Mirabelle at night in the garden to get more info. Go to the garden when the sun sets and Mirabelle will tell you to meet the Duches in her room. Enter her tower and a scene will play. After it’s over, you can choose to help her or not. If you do, you will get put in the dungeon and another scene will play. Make your way out to the slums through the passage at the far end and you will complete the quest.

The Conspirators

Reward: 18,000xp/35,000g

When you are walking around the castle, a soldier named Fedel will ask to meet you at night to discuss something. Go to meet him at night in the castle garden, and he will ask you to retrieve a letter from Soulflyaer Canyon. The letter is at the same place that the parcels are for the Parcel Service Quest (an Act II notice board quest), oddly enough. Head north to the canyon and enter from the west entrance near the Greatwall. When you enter, go to the left and up the slope with the Cyclops on it. Go to the right and slide down to the left side. Make the turn again and slide down another water slope that splits left and right, but this time stick to the right. Walk along the ledge there to find the packages waiting for you there. Return the letter to Fedel to complete the quest.

Bad Business

Reward: 8,000xp

If you enter to Madeline shop, the woman in there will tell you that Madeline has left town due to some criminal reasons, but that some people around town may know what happened to her. Talk to Nettie and Arsmith at the Alehouse and they will say that she is somewhere in the city. Next, go to the Aqueduct and see her flee to the outside of the castle. Exit outside to follow her and make your way to the right to find her crouched up. Talk to her and she will babble on for a bit as some guards come to arrest her. Tell the guards you haven’t seen her and then throw Maddy some gold for being so pretty and the quest will complete.