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  • PS2 | Submitted by Doppler

    How to beat Sparta

    To beat Sparta you need to use the Alaster and the hand guns. When he is close to you use the sword and when he is not in the sword's range use the guns. you wwant to shoot very fast.
    NOTE: don't use Air Rade. I made that mistake, he just blocks it with his sword.
    NOTE: It is OK to use devil trigger form. That makes you chop him up alot faster.
    Orbs -R- Us
    A way to get unlimited orbs is to defeat all objectives in any level, but don't finish the level. Save your game to your memory card (before finishing the level), go to the option menu and reset your game. Then load the saved game and you will start the level over with the orbs you collected. Do it as many times as you like. The only catch is it will lower your grade once you complete the level.
    Nightmare's weakness
    Nightmare is really cheap right? Well heres a few good ideas when fighting the titan of terror. In your first fight with him use Holy Waters when he lets out his core to do a lot of damage(NOTE:tjis only works the first time you fight him).The other times you fight him make sure you have air raid with alastor and just blast his core when he lets it out stopping periodicly to keep his restaints on of course.And my last word of advice it to have inferno with ifrit and hit him in his core that to cause some serious damage although meteor is good inferno is a lot better.

Devil May Cry Cheats

  • PS2 | Submitted by Neo Jamez

    Devil May Cry (Trial Edition)

    Why use mask?
    The mask use to open the door which is unlocked by the devil soul not by key. So you need the amount of mask to open the sealed door. The mask will neutralized the soul and unlocked the door.
    Too many mask?
    There are 3 types of mask in the trial version of the game:
    Red Mask : Unlocked the door sealed by souls
    Blue Mask : Fill up the limit gauge power
    Green Mask : Fill up some health
    Combo Attack
    To use Dante combo attack, you need to equip with any sword and handgun. First by holding R1 button, push down the analog button and press  at the same time, when the devil get hit into the sky, don’t attack and quickly attack by using handgun by holding R1 button and press  button. The easy combo is running and press the  button, Dante will release his power. Or, by pressing the X button and hit with attack button.
    Open the Door!
    Some of the door need a devil mask to open it, you need to collect as many red mask as you can to open it. Some of them need a key.
    Easy Killer
    To kill the flying doom, equip with shotgun and get near it. Just released 2 shots and it will be dead and sometimes gives you 3 red mask, sometimes 1 blue mask, and sometimes green mask.
    Use Limit Power
    The character have the limit power which can transform it to a devil creatures. When the blue words above the health screen full, press L1,X,R1, and  to release it.
    Any weapon?
    In trial version of the game there are only 2 types of weapon available:
    Handgun : Get it from the beginning of the game
    Shotgun : Get it by hitting one of the table in the game with bookshelf there
    Get Harder Mode
    Finish the game 1 time
    Get Legendary Dark Mode
    Finish Hard Mode
    Get Dante Must Die Mode
    Finish Legendary dark Mode
    Get Super Dante Mode
    Finish Dante Must Die Mode
    Kill Phantom ( The Big Spider)
    When u face Phantom, equip Alastor and the hand guns. When the moves his hands from his face smack him, jump back and use your hand guns. When he charges up for the beam move back and use your hand guns, if your too late dodge and fire. The shot gun is pointless here, unless you get up close and personal.
    Secret Story Mode
    Beat The Game 5 Times and You Will Unlock A New Story Mode, With New Enemies And Boss's like: Gargole, Grim Reaper & Death Reaper. It Is Probely The Best Part Of The Game, And There Is Like 50 Extra Missions In This Mode, As well As new Swords And Guns, And Every Boss You Defeat You Get A new Weapon That You Can Use And Upgrade With New Abilities. weapons like: Grims Scyth, Plasmetics Blade. This Is By far The Best Part Of The Game, So Enjoy
    The Way to Beat Nelo Angelo
    The way to beat Nelo Angelo is to get a untouchable. Then get out your Ifrit Gauntlets [if you don't got them your Alastar will work fine] and any gun you want [I used the shotgun] After that keep on hitting him [and do not let him touch you he hurts] then when your at orange life use the untouchable and kick his butt
    Get Shotgun
    Okay in the Demo Version of DMC, u start off on Mission 2 over at the Cathedral. To get the shotgun here's what you have to do:
    Go into that huge eerie looking library. Walk or jump upstairs.To up next to the only table you see up there. Now chop it up. Wait for the debris to clear. You should see the gun on the floor. To pick it up, stand next to it and press the square button Congrats, you got the Shotgun
    Beat Griffin
    The first time you fight the Griffin is in the open field near the three doors that are locked, two by shield and the other with spears. To beat him just use Air Raid. It gets the job done really quick. The second time you fight him you HAVE to use Air Raid, it was the only way i could beat him. And the last time you fight him is in a open space again.
    Extra Red Orbs
    First you choose a simple level where you get alot of orbs,(I chose Level 3 Cause of the phantom). Then after you got all the orbs press select then save your game, then reset. play that same level over and over and each time you save and rest, you save the number of orbs, so you can buy cool stuff. it is time consuming and its not helpful on your rank on that level but it does make the game alot easier to complete.
    Secret Mission Locations
    1.Critical Hit-Mission 3-Go to the broken bridge and fall in.
    2.Phantom Baby-Mission 4-Re enter the cathedral where you fought Phantom.
    3.Phantom Baby-Mission 4-Enter the god of time room next to the biplane room.Defeat Phantom first.
    4.Three beast-Mission 4-Enter the arena under the biplane room [you only have one chance to beat this secret mission]
    5.One eyed evil-Mission 5-Re enter the room where the Beezelbub first appeared.
    6.Wandering ghost-Mission 11-Re enter the area where mission 10 ended.
    7.Water cell-Mission 13-Returne to the captains cabin and use the action button on his skeleton.
    8.Treasure of the reaper-Mission 15-Returne to the area where you found the Sheild Emblem and examine the skull carved on the wall.
    9.Stairway of Trainquility-Mission 16-Re enter the coliseum after you defeat the Griffon.
    10.Shadow of Darkness-Mission 16-Re enter the biplane room after Nightmare is defeated.
    11.Blue gem in the ski-Mission 17-Activate the Air raid and fly to the opposite side of the bridge but dont fall in the water.
    12.Hidden Bangel-Mission 21-Examine the wall that the god of time faces.
    Refill Vitality / Devil Trigger Gauge
    Ok, the first time you beat the game on normal and play through the hard mode, you'll notice that enemies take a little more life when they attack... This also holds true for your first encounter with Nelo Angelo (the Dark Knight)... After you fight him for a while, he'll ascend one level to the next platform... Arm your grenade gun and shoot him through the niche in the wall where he's standing... You'll notice that he block every shot, but your devil triggers also recharge... Remember that you regain life while in devil trigger mode...? Engage your devil trigger and regain some life... You can just repeat the process until your life is completely full... This can also be done when Nelo Angelo ascends to the third level, but you may need to practice the positioning/aiming to hit him...
    Beating enemies the Hard way!
    When you are fighting Phantom take Alastor and keep jumping on his back and then slash him! When your Devil Trigger is full Go into the fly-around mode by pressing L1, jump and R1. Then keep firing. Do this as long as he's alive!
    When facing Nelo, which is "very Hard" to beat, get the Ifrit on and keep jumping and then hit him. Make sure he won't hit you with the glowing balls he throws... When your Devil trigger is full go stand near him and press L1 and then hold R1. Now keep hitting him you will be 10 times faster then normal and he can't hit you, also avoid him when his sword is blue, he is planning an attack then. Also jump twice when you're on a wall and then hit him, the impact will be greater.
    I'm not the greatest Hero off them all so I don't know how difficult Griffin is in the Hard mode but anyway get Sparda and keep slashing his blue glowing belly. And the rest you'll have to find out yourself about this character!!!
    Mundus, the greatest of them all! I hope you've done some flysims before because he is nasty!!! he will do anything to destroy you!!! Keep flying in rounds and also keep shooting on his hart. When he dies you get to the next level and then I've got to go!!! Sorry, more next time!!!
    Easier ways to kill griffon
    Before you fight griffon the second and third times you should have picked up the grenade launcher at least and maybe by the third time you will have nightmare weapon-B.
    Don't use nightmare weapon-b on griffon cause it only wastes your devil gauge. Instead use the grenade launcher and change to devil mode, fire as many super-grenades as you can at griffon, then run in with the sword and slash it until your gauge fills up again, then run back and devil morph, and fires your grenades again to kill it.
    You don't actually need air-raid, or any special airborne attacks, and jumping doesn't help to much as you can't fire grenades and jump.