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Destiny Dead Ghosts location guide [inc. DB, HoW, Taken King, Rise of Iron, and Age of Triumph]

Mars #11 - #18

Dead Ghost #11 - The Buried City

The Off World Transit building is ahead and to the left of the path you'll enter the area from, coming in via The Drift.

Jump onto the roof from the side of the building using the wall behind this outdoor waiting area for extra height.

The Dead Ghost is behind the sign.

Dead Ghost #12 - Freehold Station

Make your way to Freehold Station via the OWT building. Once inside, stick to the right-hand side until you spot a pillar with a TV monitor affixed to it.

The objective is to jump on top of the monitor on the reverse side of this very pillar. You can use this miscellaneous bit of scenery to do so.

If you're a lucky sod, you'll find a Dead Ghost up here. If you have my luck, this one will be buggy and will have removed itself from existence.

Dead Ghost #13 - Tharsis Junction

Enter from Freehold Station and head all the way to the end where the abandoned trains are. To the right is a doorway in-between an old Vex gate and a train carriage.

Go through the doorway, turn right and climb into the corner.

The Dead Ghost is amongst the rocks up here.

Dead Ghost 14 - The Hollows

Head to The Hollows from The Barrens and enter the Clovis Bray building.

You'll see a floodlight to your right. Jump on top of it.

From up here, you can jump up onto the catwalk above.

Follow it around to above the entrance to find a Dead Ghost.

Dead Ghost #15 - Dust Palace

Make your way to the bottom level of Dust Palace, to the room with the large windows.

Ascend the staircase in the centre and follow it around to the left. Jump onto the crate here and then up to the ledge lining the walls of the room.

You'll now be level with the second set of windows.

Hop your way along here to pick up the Dead Ghost.

Dead Ghost #16 - Overwatch

In Overwatch, enter the Clovis Bray Exoscience lab and veer left.

On your way through, head to this corner here and turn around.

You'll see a desk that was hiding behind the wall with a Dead Ghost underneath it.

Dead Ghost #17 - Black Garden

You can only access the Black Garden during The Black Garden story mission.

Scale the rocks to the left and jump onto this protruding bit of masonry.

From here, jump onto the rocky outcrop covered in foliage.

The Dead Ghost is just a super jump away.

Dead Ghost #18 - Black Garden

You'll need to be playing The Black Garden story mission to access the Black Garden. The clue's in the name. Make your way through the suspicious looking Vex statues until you reach a glowing green doorway.

Pop through and turn right. Mount the stone wall lining the precipice and walk to the end.

Look down and you'll see a platform you can drop down onto.

The last Dead Ghost is lying in the alcove here, soaking in the magnificent view. Take a minute to do the same before unleashing hell on the Vex above and saving the galaxy.

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