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Destiny Dead Ghosts location guide [inc. DB, HoW, Taken King, Rise of Iron, and Age of Triumph]

Mars #1 - #10

The original hidey-hole of the Traveler, the landscape of Mars is now littered with the remains of humanity's once glorious Metropolis, swallowed up by the red sands during the Collapse.

The dunes also serve as a battleground between the Vex and the Cabal, who look not unlike the noble Mondoshawans from The Fifth Element. If this realisation triggers a twinge of guilt every time you pop one of their tiny little heads off their tubby torsos, welcome to the club.

There are a total of 18 Dead Ghosts hidden on Mars, and with the exception of the 2 in The Black Garden, 1 Ghost is only accessible during The Garden's Spire mission, so you may want to collect #1 - #5 during this mission to save you having to trawl through the same area in both Patrol and Story Modes.

Dead Ghost #1 - The Barrens

From the Patrol mission spawn in The Barrens, head straight and over the Dunes.

You'll come to a cliff overlooking a firefight between the Vex and Cabal. If you peer over the edge, you'll see a circular base just below you.

Plop through the hole in the roof and pick up the Dead Ghost from the crates against the wall.

Dead Ghost #2 - Scablands

Make your way to the large structure on the map.

Find the opening in the otherwise impenetrable walls and pop through.

Look at the reverse of the fortress walls and you'll spot an area that looks as if it might be accessible.

It is, of course, and someone has kindly (or perhaps unkindly) left a Dead Ghost up here.

Dead Ghost #3 - Rubicon Firebase

Enter the Rubicon Firebase from the Scablands and immediately turn left, without contemplating what dark sequence of events in this bleak future, turned the purveyor of exotic fruit juices into warmongers more interesting in building firebases on nearby planets that mango juicing factories.

Go through the gate here and across to the wall opposite, where it looks like a large dustbin has been abandoned.

Behind this dustbin is a hidden pathway.

At the end of the pathway is a solitary tree and possibly another dustbin.

Root around at the base of the tree to find a Dead Ghost.

Dead Ghost #4 - Iron Line

Enter this area from the Rubicon Wastes and look for the blue pipes on the left-hand side of the room. Hop on to the pipes and then up on to the platform above, like so.

From this vantage point, you'll be able to see the Dead Ghost. Super jump across to the small platform attached to the pillar supporting the floodlights. Be forewarned that this task seemed impossible with the Hunter's double jump but was manageable (albeit immensely frustrating) with the Titan's jump at the second tier. You can negotiate your way around to the left side and land on the closed metal flap to gain a little extra height. Now jump up to the platform above you, taking care not to bounce off the ceiling, or the thin cables that are apparently composed of elastic, and plummet to the floor below.

Once you've safely made it up here, the Dead Ghost is a single jump away. Try not to feel too smug about it, Titan, as your Hunter friend rages below.

Dead Ghost #5 - Legion's Keep

The door from the Iron Line to the Legion's Keep will only be open during The Garden's Spire mission.

Pop across the bridge and up to the top part of the map, where you'll engage in a boss fight.

Once he's been sent packing, make your way beneath the central structure here.

The Dead Ghost is lying on the floor near the entrance.

Dead Ghost #6 - Giant's Pass

When you enter Giant's Pass from Scablands, you'll notice a dirt path leading up above a bunker on the right, and a tree just beyond this.

Make your way up here and burrow around in the tree roots to find a Dead Ghost.

Dead Ghost #7 - Valley of the Kings

Go through Giant's Pass to get to Valley of the Kings. When the path diverges, take the middle route.

Continue along the path until it starts to go uphill, with a cliff to one side. Leave the path and walk out onto the ledge on the left.

The Dead Ghost is on the rocky shelf here.

Dead Ghost #8 - Valley of the Kings

Coming into the Valley from Giant's Pass, you'll see 2 outposts on the right of the map. Make your way onto the roof of the smaller, leftmost outpost that is perched on the cliff.

From the roof of this building, hop onto the rocks opposite.

Peeking over the edge to your left, you'll see that you can drop down onto a lower ledge.

The Dead Ghost is in a crevice in the cliff face.

Dead Ghost #9 - Trenchworks

Enter the Trenchworks and head toward the rock platform that stands between you and the large outpost here.

To the left is another platform you can jump onto.

Pop up here and turn your back to the outpost (making sure the Cabal patrolling the area can't take a potshot at you).

The Ghost is nestled in a nook up here.

Dead Ghost #10 - The Drift

Upon entering this area from Scablands, you should notice 2 gnarly trees up on the right.

Nip up here to find another Dead Ghost in the branches of the tree.

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