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Destiny Dead Ghosts location guide [inc. DB, HoW, Taken King, Rise of Iron, and Age of Triumph]

Earth #11 - #17

Dead Ghost #11 - Bunker RAS-2

There's a large building on a hill in the Forgotten Shore. Make your way towards it and head inside, clearing out the enemies on the way.

Look for the staircase ominously leading down into the unknown depths and descend them.

Following the route down will take you this bunker. If you're coming in here at a low level, you'll need to know that there are 2 high-level Hallowed Knights lurking down the last set of steps and around the corner and they will not be happy to see you.

This is best tried with a wingman or two to lure the Hallowed Knights away from the entrance, or if you're feeling particularly brave and lucky, you can dash in solo and see how that pans out for you. The Dead Ghost is underneath the stairs that lead into the room, so you'll have to run down, turn left and dive into the corner to grab it before you become a pink smear on the floor.

Dead Ghost #12 - Terrestrial Complex

You can enter the Terrestrial Complex from Forgotten Shore by sticking to the path and heading left up the hill when coming in from the Mothyards.

As you make your way through here, you'll see a set of lockers off to the right.

The Dead Ghost is stashed inside one the lockers here.

Dead Ghost #13 - Skywatch

Once you get to Skywatch, head right to the abandoned helipad. At the edges of either side of the helipad is a pathway that leads down to the cliff face below.

Follow the path down to find a cave. There will either be a high-level Hallowed Knight inside the cave or a humungous Ogre lurking outside of it, which will make getting in it at all very difficult. You can try getting into the cave by using a willing member of your Fireteam as a distraction or make a mad dash for it.

Once you've gained access to the inside, you'll find the Dead Ghost on some shelves on the right.

Dead Ghost #14 - Rocketyard

During the Devil's Lair strike or the Patrol missions, enter the Rocketyard and head over to the left side.

Dispatch of the Servitor and the Fallen or just jump straight over them to the roof of the building ahead of you.

The Dead Ghost is sitting on top a crate on the roof.

Dead Ghost #15 - Refinery

You can access this area during the Devil's Lair strike mission or on a Patrol mission. When you enter the area, look for the shack next to the Hive cave with an orange sign slapped on the front.

Pop in here for a Dead Ghost.

Dead Ghost #16 - The Blast

You can retrieve this Dead Ghost when the battle with the Devil Walker commences. Flank it on the right, taking care not to blindly rush into the spawning Fallen.

Once you're level with it, dive into the opening on the left. Don't dally here as if it gets eyes on you, it will blast you to pieces quicker than you can say BOOM.

Hotfoot it up the stairs here and into the room above. The Dead Ghost will be lying on a table at the back of the room.

Dead Ghost #17 - The Grottos

To get to The Grottos, stick to the coastline in Forgotten Shore and follow the path until you arrive. Note that if you're low-level, you will need you Sparrow to pull this off.

There are 2 high-level enemies on the path ahead of you that will be able to one-hit kill you so rev up that Sparrow and zoom past them to the left. You don't have to ride along the path, as your Sparrow will manage the jump over the small, rocky ledge here without any problems.

You'll discover a pathway down here, free of enemies.

At the very end of the path in a small alcove is a Dead Ghost.

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