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Destiny Dead Ghosts location guide [inc. DB, HoW, Taken King, Rise of Iron, and Age of Triumph]

Earth #1 - #10 

Thanks to the Traveler, this majestic orb is a shell of its former self, constantly under attack from a medley of alien species. Even though concept art has been teased for exotic locations like Mumbai Push and Old Chicago, the only place currently open for visitors is Old Russia.

You can find the Dead Ghosts scattered across this arid wasteland during the story missions, but a handful of them are only available in exploration mode (Patrol mission) or the Devil's Lair Strike mission.

Dead Ghost #1 - Breach

After being resurrected from the dead and picking up the conveniently placed rifle, head around to the left and into the next corridor.

The Dead Ghost is nestling in the girders in the ruined ceiling on the left. You'll most likely need to jump while holding down the button to activate it.

Dead Ghost #2 - Breach

A little further into the tutorial mission, your first major battle will go down in a large room where you'll be ambushed by a bunch of ticked off aliens. Clear them out and head down the steps to the left.

Peek under the catwalk here to find a Dead Ghost.

Dead Ghost #3 - The Divide

When you enter The Divide, you'll see a large sign in Russian above some steps.

Climb onto the building next to it and take a gander at its behind to find another Dead Ghost.

Dead Ghost #4 - The Divide

Head towards the right hand side of the map and keep your eyes peeled for a giant bit of pipe inexplicably sitting in the middle of the landscape.

In the middle of this tubular structure is a Dead Ghost.

Dead Ghost #5 - The Steppes

There's a crashed jump ship in this section of the map (you'll have to find it as part of a story mission). In front of it is a large shed.

Pop in here and look on the floor by the knocked-over chair for a Dead Ghost.

Dead Ghost #6 - The Steppes

Between The Steppes and The Mothyards is a large dried-up canal. Drop down into it and head to the walled end on the right.

Rummage around in the foliage here to snuffle out the Dead Ghost.

Dead Ghost #7 - Mothyards

Keep to the right of the map and lookout for a plane wing rising out of the ground.

Scale the wing to find a cave in the rock face opposite.

Be aware that there are a couple of level 7 Fallen in here. The Dead Ghost is lying on the floor on the left-hand side of the cave.

Dead Ghost #8 - Mothyards

On the right-hand side of this map, entering from The Steppes, is a path that leads to the Forgotten Shore. As you head along here, look up at the left-hand side of the cliff face, and you'll spot a cave.

When you enter, look at the wall on your right. There's a hidden crevice here that holds a Dead Ghost.

Dead Ghost #9 - Lunar Complex

You'll find your way here after you enter Skywatch. Follow the path through the building until you reach this area--it'll be encrusted with some pretty ripe looking filth and your second cue will be the hordes of Hive that will fling themselves at you as you enter.

From the entrance, walk to the corner of the room in front of you and hop up onto the server to find a Dead Ghost.

Dead Ghost #10 - Forgotten Shore

Stay on the right side of this map and you'll see the ruined boat above, next to the path.

Poke your head inside the prow to find a Dead Ghost.

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