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Destiny Dead Ghosts location guide [inc. DB, HoW, Taken King, Rise of Iron, and Age of Triumph]

Taken King - Mars 

As well as visiting Phobos - the new area on the Mars map - we'll also be revisiting the Black Garden to dig out some more Dead Ghosts.

Dead Ghost #1 - Mars (Phobos)

Boot up The Coming War mission on Phobos.

Head up the path towards the Cabal base.

Follow the cliffs around to the right.

There's a path of sorts along here, so keep going until you reach the end.

There's a small outcrop of rock up to the right with a Dead Ghost sitting on top of it.

You won't be able to land on the ledge, so jump up the side of the cliff to get as close as possible.

Grab the Dead Ghost by either jumping up or edging alongside it.

Dead Ghost #2 - Mars (Phobos)

The next Dead Ghost is in the Skyburner Keep.

As you make your way through this area, you'll see a Cabal scrabbling around in the elevator shaft before inevitably dying. You'll head upwards along the ramp outside of the shaft as part of the mission.

At the top, cross over to the door on the left, still following the mission objective.

When you enter the corridor peppered with tears into space, head to the far end.

Head around to the back of the Cabal body to the left of the doorway.

The Dead Ghost is on the ground on the metal plates the corpse is lying on.

Dead Ghost #3 - Mars (Phobos)

The last Dead Ghost on Phobos can be found after beating the boss when you have to escape from the base.

Head outside to the Aerodrome.

Drop down to the area below where the Cabal are fighting the Taken.

Turn around to see a pipe running underneath the platform you just dropped off. You need to jump up here to find the Ghost.

For a bit of much needed height, hop onto the barrier at the edge of the platform.

The Dead Ghost is on top of the pipe, in the nook on the left. It is possible to land up there, but you can save yourself a lot of stress by just grabbing it as you sail past like I did.

Dead Ghost #4 - The Black Garden

Boot up the Black Garden mission to find the next Dead Ghost.

Make your way into the Black Garden and head through the corridors to the open area outside.

Head past the block of debris on the left.

Hop onto the top of the next block that is at the base of the tilted monolith buried in the ground.

Look at the monolith and you'll spot a small ledge. Jump up here.

Crouch down and make your way along the edge.

You'll find the Dead Ghost in a cranny along here.

Dead Ghost #5 - Black Garden

Load up the Tenebrous Tunnels mission for the next Dead Ghost. You need to have completed The Taken War set of missions, killing the Taken Champions on various planets for this mission to be available.

When you reach the large circular doorway at Tharsis Junction, head on through.

As you enter, look up to the left to see a small ledge. Jump up here and then up again to the ledge above.

Follow the ledge around to the left.

Along the wall opposite, you'll see the Dead Ghost and a ledge to the left that you can jump over to.

Jump over, and then up to the right to the ledge above where you can pick up the Dead Ghost.

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