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Destiny Dead Ghosts location guide [inc. DB, HoW, Taken King, Rise of Iron, and Age of Triumph]

House of Wolves - Earth 

There are three Dead Ghosts to pick up when you revisit Earth to track down the rogue Wolves, and they're spread over two missions - The Silent Fang and The Ruling House. The last one can be a bit tricky, so make sure you follow the instructions to give yourself enough time to nab it.

Dead Ghost #1 - The Cosmodrome

When you start The Silent Fang mission, you'll find that you'll be retracing your steps from the very first segment of the game.

Follow the marker until you're outside of the wall, where your ghost found you all those months ago.

As soon as you're in the open air, turn around and hop on top of the sign that's above the door you just came through.

Now jump to the right and onto the small walkway lining the row of broken windows.

Scoot on down to the window at the very end.

The Dead Ghost is just on the other side.

Dead Ghost #2 - King's Watch

Kick off The Ruling House mission and start making your way through the area.

Very soon, you'll approach a room that has a screen-lined pillar in the centre.

Enter the room and look up to your left. You'll spot a giant, gaping hole in the upper wall.

Jump up and through to the space on the other side.

Trot to the end and pick up the Dead Ghost in the corner.

Dead Ghost #3 - King's Watch

Press on until you reach the room at the end of this area with the big orb in the middle.

Now listen up. It's best if you pick off all of the enemies here except one. The remaining enemy must be a yellow level, otherwise the end of mission countdown will start and if you bugger up the next part, you'll have to start over. Jump onto the screen-lined pillar to the right of the orb as you enter.

You need to jump towards the rusted ring of metal around the top and hold the relevant button for your console to pick up the Dead Ghost as you pass by on your way back to the floor. Here's a look at where the ghost is from a different angle - if you face the doorway to this room, you can see it above the central orb. This can be a tricky jump, so that's why you might want to afford yourself the luxury of unlimited time to grab it.

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