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Destiny Dead Ghosts location guide [inc. DB, HoW, Taken King, Rise of Iron, and Age of Triumph]

The Dark Below - The Moon 

The last three Dead Ghosts in this DLC are on the Moon, and the last one will definitely require an upgraded jump, but this far into the game, that shouldn't even be an issue. Switch up your abilities if you're having trouble.

Dead Ghost #1 - Chamber of Night

Set your sights on the Moon and start The Wakening mission. You're about to break up a major Hive party, so again, have a couple of Black Wax Idols handy.

Follow the marker until you reach the Chamber of Night. You'll know when you're there because the place is severely lacking in the light department.

After you kill the first couple of enemies, you'll reach an area that's a bit more well lit.

To the left is a staircase, so make your way up here.

At the top, look behind the pillar on the left.

The Ghost is on top of the pile of Hive poop here. I assume it's poop. What else could it be?

Dead Ghost #2 - Chamber of Night

Exterminate the Hive and leave the room via the steps at the other side.

As you enter the next area, you'll notice a giant rock jutting out of the ground to the right.

Make a beeline for it and climb to the top.

The Dead Ghost is at the very top.

Dead Ghost #3 - Chamber of Night

Follow the mission marker through this room and into the next one.

Go around to the left of the structure directly in front of the entrance.

Jump on top of the ledge above the doorway here.

From here, turn around and you'll see something shiny on the platform opposite.

Jump across to nab the last Dead Ghost in this DLC.

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