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Destiny Dead Ghosts location guide [inc. DB, HoW, Taken King, Rise of Iron, and Age of Triumph]

The Dark Below - Earth 

The Dark Below missions on Earth open up a previously inaccessible area, home to a veritable buttload of Hive, so have a few Black Wax Idols to hand, and get ready to dive in.

Dead Ghost #1 - Seraphim Vault

The first three Dead Ghosts in this DLC can be found during the Siege of the Warmind mission.

The door to the Seraphim Vault will open up in Bunker RAS-2, so just follow the mission marker.

Once inside, clear out the waves of Hive and make your way to the main staircase in the first area.

Turn to your right and follow the walkway to the crates pictured above.

The Dead Ghost is hiding behind them.

Dead Ghost #2 - Seraphim Vault

Pop back to the main stairs, and carry on through the room above to the next area. It's best not to touch anything in here until you've found the next two ghosts, as the room will fill up with enemies very quickly.

Head to the back of the room.

Nip down the steps here to the corridor below.

The ghost is on top of the pipes lining the left wall.

Dead Ghost #3 - Seraphim Vault

Back in the main part of this room, you'll want to get yourself on top of the giant hanging pipes on the left (as you enter the room).

You can do this by jumping on top of the tallest part of yellow thingy with a light stuck on to it, directly below the pipes.

Now double jump to the pipes above.

Once you're up here, look up and jump on top of central structure.

The Dead Ghost is at the top.

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