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Destiny 2 Bad Juju: How to unlock The Other Side Adventure and get Bad Juju

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The Destiny 2 Bad Juju was released out of nowhere in the Season of Opulence, and it quickly became one of the strongest primary weapons in the game. This returning Exotic pulse rifle retains the Super generation and instant-reloads of the Destiny 1 original, and it sweetens the deal with a stacking damage buff which rivals Rampage. You could hardly ask for more out of a pulse, which makes Bad Juju a worthy addition to your collection. Here's how to get Bad Juju in Destiny 2. 

How to start the Destiny 2 Bad Juju quest

To get to Bad Juju, you'll need to unlock and partially fill the Tribute Hall. You can unlock this area by visiting Werner the robot on Calus' barge on Nessus. Open the chest next to him and Calus will invite you to visit the Tribute Hall. You can find the hall listed alongside the Menagerie in the Nessus directory. 

Head to the hall, talk to the Calus statue and purchase some bounties from him. You need to complete one bounty to progress the quest that leads to Bad Juju, but you can complete up to four bounties per day. Each bounty rewards a boon which reduces the cost of the Tributes sold by Calus - more on those in a bit.

Once you complete a bounty, talk to Calus again and he'll open up the Tribute Hall. The next step in the Tribute Hall questline will tell you to place three Tributes, but to unlock the Bad Juju quest, you'll need to place 18. You can check which Tributes you've unlocked in your Triumphs; go to the Destinations tab, the Minor page, and open the Tribute Hall. Claim any Tributes you've completed and place them in the hall. 

Filling the Tribute Hall for the Destiny 2 Bad Juju Quest

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Most players will find that they have four to eight Tributes already completed, so you'll need to come up with around a dozen more. Your Triumphs page will tell you how to complete them - basically, use Leviathan and Menagerie gear in various activities - or you can purchase Tributes from Calus in exchange for Glimmer, Legendary Shards, planetary materials, or Bright Dust. If you're running low on some materials, visit Spider in the Tangled Shore to stock up. 

Getting to 18 Tributes quickly will likely put a big drain on your resources as you convert materials into others via Spider. If you just can't afford to purchase multiple Tributes, grind out some of the Tributes in your Triumphs page while you work on the bounties Calus sells at the Tribute Hall. Remember, you can complete four bounties per day, and each boon you hand in makes his Tributes 1% cheaper - up to a maximum of 80% off. In other words, if you keep up the grind, everything will be 80% cheaper after three weeks of grinding, plus you'll earn materials in the process. 

Whether you drain your savings or play the long game, you'll need to obtain and place 18 Tributes to unlock the quest for Bad Juju. Once you place your 18th Tribute, you'll receive another Tribute. Plop it down in the middle of the hall, talk to Calus again, then use the eery chest in the middle of the hall to open an Ascendant portal and start the Adventure "The Other Side." 

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Destiny 2 Bad Juju Adventure: The Other Side

Of all the surprise Exotics we've seen, from the Destiny 2 Whisper of the Worm to the Destiny 2 Outbreak Perfected, Bad Juju has the easiest and most straightforward quest by a country mile. It's a low-Power, non-Darkness Adventure with clear paths and tame enemies. There's really nothing to explain here: move forward, shoot the dudes, jump up the platforms, and kill some mini-bosses at the end to power up Bad Juju. The whole thing shouldn't take you 20 minutes, and you just grab Bad Juju from a chest at the end. The Tributes are the real grind, frankly, especially considering you need a whopping 45 Tributes to get the Bad Juju Exotic Catalyst. Best get grinding.

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