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Defiance E3 trailer shows the Syfy MMO in action

Trion has released the official E3 trailer for Defiance, its upcoming MMOFPS that will tie-in to a live-action television show on the Syfy Network that's scheduled for an April 2013 launch. We'd be skeptical if it wasn't for the developer's sterling record thus far, which turns our general sense of unease about a game being merged with a show into pure excitement. Take a look at the trailer and you might understand why.

Beyond having a cool song behind the trailer (which always helps), the gameplay looks very slick. It sort of looks like Rift mixed with Borderlands and Halo - and we're not about to complain about a blending of those three games.

We'll be seeing the game at E3 next week, so be sure to swing back to find out how it actually plays, since we figure that's going to be important, too.