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Dead Island: Secret Origins – EPISODE 4 [KINDA SPONSORED]

IT ALL ENDS HERE! Today brings the thrilling conclusion of our soon-to-be Pulitzer Prize-winning Dead Island: Secret Origins saga, and the boys are forced to put it all on the line and make the tough choices. Some will win. Some will lose. Some will roam the earth for all eternity consuming the flesh of living. Good Times!

Oh, you should probably go (re)watchthefirstandsecondandthirdepisodes. It'll all make since, I assure you. Either way, all the episodes liveright here-as well as a chance to win a five night, trip for two to the significantly safer Bahamas! - and we might have some other surprises in store. Stay Tuned!

[FULL DISCLOSURE: Deep Silver ponied up the dough for the videos - we wrote, shot and said whatever we wanted. It's not advertorial, it's ADVERTAINMENT!]

Aug 9, 2011