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Dark Souls Remastered full walkthrough guide: every area, boss, secret and more

Dark Souls Remastered: UNDEAD PARISH PART 1

You have the opportunity to climb a spiral staircase once you reach the top of the aforementioned ladder. If you go to the top of this tower, you’ll run into a Black Knight, a foe even more fierce than the Silver Knight you may have encountered in the Undead Burg. Without superior parrying skills and/or the Drake Sword in hand for some high-damage backstabbing, we suggest leaving him alone for now.

The main gate to the Undead Parish is guarded by several undead soldiers and an Armored Tusk. Stick to the right wall and up the stairs, killing soldiers as you go. As long as you remain at a distance, the Tusk will not attack. Kill all of the soldiers (including the two archers) and return to where you first entered this area.

Now it’s just you and the Armored Tusk. Get close enough to provoke him, the run to the stairs on the right. From here, you can coax him into the existing flames, or use Fireball, Firebombs, spells, or any ranged attacks on him.

After clearing the area, walk over to where the Armored Tusk was originally stationed. There are steps leading down into a corridor with one cowardly undead. Either kill him immediately or let him flee, as once you exit the corridor into the next room you’ll be attacked by several more undead.

Make sure to explore this room for a corpse holding the Mystery Key, then look for a ladder nearby and climb it, being ready for two more undead at the top. Climb the next ladder and pass through the fog door. Once you cross this short bridge, you’ll reach a fork in the road. Go right first and slowly approach the caped knight for a backstab. Grab the loot he was blocking (a Knight Shield) and go back to the fork, this time heading left.

Proceed until you see a short wooden bridge in front of you and a passage to your left. Head left now and proceed down the wide staircase. Take out the soldier then loot the Basement Key from the nearby corpse. Pull the nearby lever to open up the gate, creating a shortcut between this area and your last bonfire.

Head back up the stairs and into the church. The objective here is to lure out each enemy one by one (watch out for the one to your immediate left once you step inside) and kill them near the steps. Entering the church and taking them all on at once is suicidal. Once all of the normal knights are defeated, head deeper into the church. If you proceed past the steps in the above screenshot, you will be shot at from above by a sorcerer. Only step past these steps long enough to draw out the large knight, then sprint back out of the church. Lure him outside and defeat him with backstabs. He'll drop a Tower Shield. Once defeated, this enemy will never respawn.

Head back to the fork where you saw the small wooden bridge. Run across it and deal with the three undead soldiers. Once the area is clear, you can enter the church from the side entrance, or turn right and head in a new direction, towards a new bonfire. Do the latter.

Run down the steps and along the narrow path until you reach a new building. You’ll hear a blacksmith’s hammer. Descend the nearby staircase to find a bonfire. Continue your descent to find Andrei the Blacksmith. Talk to him and make any purchases you may need, then head back upstairs and into the church.

Above: Taking on the Titanite Demon early

OPTIONAL: If you continue your descent past the blacksmith, you’ll run into a Titanite Demon. He guards the Darkroot Garden. Since there’s not much to do in that area at the moment, there’s not much point to fighting this powerful demon. However, if you’re feeling brave, get close enough to the demon so that he still shoots his slow lightning bolt at you but not close enough for him to use his weapon. From this distance, you can charge forward after his lighting blast and use a ranged attack, then retreat. Alternatively, you can stay just outside his weapon’s range, rolling to avoid his physical attacks then countering with your own. This enemy drops Demon Titanite and will not respawn.

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