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Dark Souls Remastered full walkthrough guide: every area, boss, secret and more

Dark Souls Remastered full walkthrough: CHASM OF THE ABYSS (OPTIONAL)

Note: The color of the guiding lights in this chasm changes every time you enter. Unfortunately, there's no way to guide you based on their color, though if you're following along you should be able to easily tell which ones we mean.

Enter the Chasm and turn left. Once the path opens up you’ll notice the eyes of five Bloatheads ahead of you. One of them is a sorcerer, so try to lure them out one by one with a bow to avoid being mobbed. Use the nearby stalagmite for cover from the Dark Orb blasts if it comes to that. These enemies are guarding the extremely powerful Dark Bead Spell.

From where you found Dark Bead Spell, turn towards where you came from and look for a downward slope to your left with a light. Continue until you see a pit full of Giant Humanities. Stay on the ledge then walk across the bridge you see. At the end of the bridge, hang a left. You’ll fall through an illusory floor and see what appears to be Alvina, who will vanish once you get near. Follow this ghost until you see a stone door on your left. (Note: Giant Humanity only harm you if you let them touch you but cannot be blocked. Use a fairly long weapon or spells to stay safe.)

The wall on the right side of the screenshot above is illusory. Take this path to find a young Sif. Defeat the Giant Humanity around him, then approach him. He’ll vanish, leaving behind the Cleansing Greatshield. Through the stone doorway you saw earlier will be an elevator shortcut back to Royal Wood. Activate if you like, but come back down here.

Turn right out of the stone doorway and look for the nearby light. This marks a path leading down. Pass the path with another light and continue down. Defeat the Giant Humanities and find the Black Flame Pyromancy. Go back and take the path with that second light. Take out the Sorcerer at the top and drop into the area below.

You’re now back at that pit full of Giant Humanity. If you have a good long weapon like a Scythe you should hack them all down (they tend to drop Humanity). Drop off the ledge to find one more Giant Humanity and the Help me! Carving. Just past the corpse on which you found that, drop down.

Backtrack to the area where you saw the three lights near a collapsed stone column. Follow this slope down. When you reach the bottom, check underneath the column for Twin Humanities, then continue into the cave.

As you descend, you’ll see a light (seen above). Turn right at this point to find a smaller cave leading to a precious White Titanite Slab.

Before passing through the fog, make sure you are in human form and have rescued Sif here in the Chasm of the Abyss. Also make sure you have the Silver Pendant, obtained earlier in Oolacile Township.

Note: The best way to get back to this fog door after dying is via the Royal Wood elevator from the Oolacile Township bonfire. This path allows you to get the drop on the Bloated Sorcerer guarding the stone bridge leading down to the fog door.


Before battle, empty all of your quick slots except for the Estus Flask and the Silver Pendant so that you can switch quickly back and forth (use your right thumb for this during battle). Also note that Sif’s summon sign is near the center of the room. It can be hard to see, and Sif doesn’t help very much, but it’s worth pressing “A” if you step over it during battle.

As for equipment, we stuck to what worked in the Artorias fight (go back if you don’t remember), only we used a quicker neutral weapon, the Balder Side Sword +15. Your openings won’t last as long against Manus as they did against Artorias, so you need to get in and out fast without draining too much of your stamina.

Most of Manus’ early attacks involve his massive left hand. Holding it high above his head means he’s going to do a long range slam. Back away quickly and roll backwards if you have time, otherwise you can dodge to the side if your timing is precise.

When he holds his hand to his left, he’s preparing a long range horizontal sweep. If timed right, this can be rolled through in any direction.

His close range attacks are quick and not as blatantly telegraphed. Unless it’s his jump slam (which you should dodge to the right or left), or three-hit combo (leads with his axe), most of his short range stuff should be avoided by rolling backwards. If he catches you with an upward strike and you aren’t blocking, he can juggle you for massive damage.

When Manus loses around 50% of his health, he starts casting dark magic. He has three spells. The first is a quick wave of orbs shot out in front of him. It’s hard to do anything except block these. The other two are summoning spells: one rains dark magic from above and the other draws orbs towards you from the walls. Both of these two should be blocked by your Silver Pendant. Since the casting is telegraphed, quickly switch from Estus Flasks to your Pendant and activate with X. If the timing is right, you won’t take any damage at all.

If you have a ranged attack like Pyromancy, spells, or the Great Lightning Spear (as we did), you can use them sparingly if Manus gets distracted by Sif. This doesn’t happen very often and, when it does, not for very long.

Stay patient, stay strong, and keep at it. Study and learn Manus’ moves. Remember to always go into this fight in human form so that you can summon Sif. If you run out of Humanity, simply farm some in the Chasm of the Abyss. Good luck!

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