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Danny Elfman off The Wolfman

There's yet more trouble in Wolfman land - composer Danny elfman is no longer working on the film.

Despite an enthusiastic thumbs up from current director Joe Johnston when he signed on to write the score, Elfman is now off the project, with the official release talking up "scheduling issues".

While that's a possibility, Cinemascore did a little digging and discovered that Elfman had in fact completed an entire set of tracks for the film, which will now be likely consigned to the dustbin of history.

In his place? Er… Paul Halsinger, former Tangerine Dream member and composer for those horror classics Underworld, Prom Night and Crank. Which likely means the producers are aiming for a rockier, more contemporary feel for the music, much like the most recent trailer.

We're sad to see Elfman go - and we really want to hear that score - but it's just the latest issue for the film, which has seen directors, script drafts and release dates come and go.

This latest twist doesn't exactly increase our confidence for a great movie, but we'll have to wait until next February to find out if it survived...

[Source: Cinemusic ]

Does this news make you worry for the film? Or happier?