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Last call for Cyber Monday AirPods deals - you'll be paying more tomorrow for sure

Cyber Monday AirPods deals
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Oh no! That's what you'll be saying if you wait until tomorrow to see if these Cyber Monday AirPods deals are still going. Yes, we've seen discounts a few times lately, but the Black Friday/Cyber Monday long weekend (long for us at least) has been the absolute best time to buy AirPods. Do you really want to give Apple more money than you need to?

We've got good news if you're still reading this on Monday, as you can get great deals on both the regular AirPods and the AirPods Pro at the time of writing. Apple’s premium headphones are well worth today's asking price, offering comfort, booming sound, and – of course – are perfect for your iPhones and other devices. The best Cyber Monday AirPod deals we’ve seen so far revolve around the all-in-one package that nets you a wired charging case. That’s down to $109.99 at Amazon and appears to be the most reliable method to snag a pair of ‘buds during the Cyber Monday rush.

That's music to your ears, surely? If you do see a Cyber Monday AirPod deal you like, whether that's with the charging case or the more premium Pro range, then be sure to act fast and snap it up fast. As you'll soon see, some places just aren't hanging around. If you want the Cyber Monday AirPod deals to drop into your lap, then you need to commit fast.

See, there are some cracking savings to be had. For more Cyber Monday AirPods deals from other retailers around the world, look a little further down the page.

During the first couple of Cyber Mondays after the Apple AirPods were released, we barely saw any decent deals at all. I'm pretty sure I remember a Walmart deal blowing up for a whopping $7 discount at one point. Things are much better today though, and you'll be able to see for yourself with our price comparison charts below for the three different types of AirPods. 

Let's dive in.

Cyber Monday AirPods deals

Cyber Monday AirPods deals - standard

Apple AirPods

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First up, the standard AirPods from 2019. This version comes with the normal charging case (e.g., not wireless) and is the cheapest set of AirPods you can get. They're also the ones most likely to sell out first, so be quick if you want to secure a pair during the Cyber Monday AirPods deals.

Apple AirPods with Charging Case (2nd Generation) |
$159 $109.99 at Amazon US | £159 £124.37 at Amazon UK
Save loads on these effortlessly cool, portable AirPod headphones this Cyber Monday. It also comes with a charging case so, if you ever run out of juice, you can plug and play. This is the cheapest price we've seen the AirPods go for in the US and UK.
View Deal

Cyber Monday AirPods deals - wireless charging case

Black Friday AirPods deals

(Image credit: Apple)

Next up we have the AirPods with a case that you can charge wirelessly with any compatible wireless charger. Simply pop the AirPods back in their case and place them on your charging station. And there you go! It's super easy to do at the end of the night without messing around trying to get that cable attached. 

Otherwise, these AirPods are exactly the same as the cheaper ones mentioned earlier. So if you're not fussed about wireless charging, we'd go for the cheaper one instead.

Apple AirPods with Wireless Charging Case |
$199 $139.98 at Amazon US | £199 £157.00 at Amazon UK
Recharge your portable AirPod headphones with ease thanks to the wireless charging case – pop it on top of a wireless charging station and you're away, no cables required.View Deal

Cyber Monday AirPods deals - Pro

Black Friday AirPods deals

The AirPods Pro have been a big hit since they released and have seen the lowest prices ever recently, so it's absolutely the best time to buy. Wireless charging comes as standard with all models of the Pro and the jump in audio quality, especially the bass, is much improved over the regular AirPods.

The offer a snugger fit too with the fully in-ear buds design. A recent update added Spatial Audio, a 3D surround sound-like feature to them too, making them excellent for watching TV or mobile content if you use your iPad or iPhone for streaming. They're even down to £195 at Laptops Direct but, should you wish to get Prime delivery through Amazon, they're available for only a tiny bit more.

Apple AirPods Pro | $249 $199.00 at Staples | £249 £198.00 at Amazon UK
AirPod Pros are comfier and have better sound (and noise cancellation) than their baby brother. You don't normally get $50/£50 savings on them either, so fill your boots and ears while you can.View Deal

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