Crudup and Moore have Dedication

You might not be able to place Justin Theroux’s name immediately – despite the fact that he appeared in Mulholland Drive and Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle. But he’s aiming to change all that, by directing his first film.

Dedication is the story of a misogynistic children’s fiction writer whose quiet life is shattered when his only friend – and writing partner – pops his clogs. Our grouchy anti-hero is then forced to collaborate with a young female illustrator to finish his latest book.
This being a romantic comedy, we’re going to guess that sparks soon fly.

Theroux has grabbed an impressive ensemble cast for this first stint behind the megaphone. Billy Crudup’s playing the writer, while Mandy Moore will appear as the illustrator. And there’s extra star wattage in the form of Mia Farrow, as Moore’s overbearing mother, and Harvey Keitel as Crudup’s soon-to-be departed friend. Talk about yer lucky first cast…