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Cop Out and Crazy trailers go cyber

Yes, 2009 is gasping its dying breath, and another year waits in the wings to take its place.

But what can we expect from 2010? Well, the studios aren’t resting on their laurels when it comes to trailer teasing us to death.

Both Warner Bros and Freestyle Films have released trailers for two of their big post-noughties projects – Kevin Smith’s retitled Cop Out and Tim Allen’s cinematic directorial debut Crazy on the Outside .

First up, Cop Out stars Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan as those ‘couple of dicks’. Personally, we prefered the original title. Still, we're enjoying Mr Smith's blatant two fingers up at the censors who made him change it (yes, these are the same censors who passed Zack and Miri Make a Porno ... Double standards?).

“There’s the right way to do police work... then there’s the way you two do it,” the cop buddies are told by their superior. Hmm, yeah.

A little Last Boy Scout in flavour, this cop-comedy-thriller seems to blur genres effectively as the two officers attempt to do right while causing chaos in the process.

Trailer language police aside (“I’m going to take care of that son-of-a-bee myself” declares one crime-struck woman in what we are sure is a blatant case of curse-curbing), this looks funny if not massively ground-breaking.

Even Sean William Scott seems to be bringing out the ha-ha's (granted in a typecast motormouth role) despite recent misfires.

Meanwhile, Smith himself talked about the title hoo-ha to Entertainment Weekly here . “I liked [the new title] because it sounds like exactly what we set out to be: an '80s buddy cop movie, without sounding like Loaded Weapon , or some such shit,” the Bearded One said.

Fingers crossed for Kev.

Elsewhere, Tim Allen’s directorial debut boasts a return to comedy for Sigourney Weaver after her tango with Avatar , as Allen’s character is released from prison, and has to conceal his jail time from his family...

Despite near-zero buzz, Crazy looks like a solid laugher, with Kelsey Grammer, Ray Liotta and Jeanne Tripplehorn all in on the joke.

And, really, any film that reunites these much maligned comedians deserves at least a cursory glance. Could be a sleeper hit.

Comedy or crud? Let it all hang out below...