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Comic-Con Tron Treats

A look at the stunning recreation set built at Comic-Con and news from Bruce Boxleitner about his character

Tron: Legacy ’s been one of the most dominant forces at this year’s Comic-Con and earlier today we caught up with the original movie's other returning star (and former Babylon 5 skipper Bruce Boxleitner) in a rather impressive recreation of the new movie’s neon-drenched cyber nightclub. We couldn’t resist the opportunity to ask whether his character, Alan Bradley (aka Tron), would be following Jeff Bridges’s Flynn back into cyberspace.

“I’m there, I just won’t say what. I need to leave some secrets here,” he teased. So of course we had to ask whether that meant he’d be getting a similar digital makeover to the one we’ve seen given to Jeff Bridges (something that, as far as we’re aware, was previously unconfirmed.) “I’ll say yes,” he said. “Why would you age, right? You'd just be rebooted, and remade.”