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The best cheap gaming laptop deals under $1000 in 2020

The best cheap gaming laptop deals under $1000 in 2020
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Finding a genuinely quality cheap gaming laptop for under $1000 often feels like a futile quest but, with a bit of digging it is becoming increasingly possible to snap up a genuinely great deal on a genuinely great cheap laptop. As long as you give some context and perspective to your expectation and familiarise yourself with the general levels and spec compositions, then getting a powerful, but cheap gaming laptop deal will serve you well and won't break the bank. With today's low-to-mid range components still being of a great standard, those cheap gaming laptops under $1000 that are missing the bombastic headline, premium components can still play a lot of AAA games and a lot of esports games that are very contemporary and popular.

However. As you're on this page, it'll be obvious but I need to make sure we're all aware of the limitations applying (any) budget to gaming machines usually applies. Keeping a really good gaming laptop under the $1000 price mark is notoriously difficult and rarely seen as a result. Because of this, we're likely to see compromises left, right and center, particularly on the core components found within. This is likely to be on the graphics card in particular, but will also apply to SSD/HDD storage combinations, the amount of RAM and the processor, though these are the components that are more often seen to be of a higher standard - at least right now anyway.

And don't forget: give the best antivirus software going a look just to make sure you're brand new gaming laptop is well protected.

We'll update this as soon as we get wind of any wicked cool cheap laptop deals, but a fair disclaimer would be that, because they'll be so good and cheap, they might change or stock levels might fluctuate wildly. Anyway, let's get to it...

The best cheap gaming laptop deal of the week

ASUS TUF gaming laptop | 15.6" 1080p | Ryzen 7 R7-3750H CPU | GTX 1660Ti GPU | 16GB RAM | 256GB SSD + 1TB HDD | just $999.99 at Amazon (Save $100)
A terrific build to get for under a thousand bucks, from a reputable maker and with a nicely-balanced set of components. It's a reduced price so it might not stick around.View Deal

Cheap gaming laptop retailers

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The best cheap gaming laptop deals going

Gaming laptops under $1000

Acer Nitro 5 gaming laptop | RAMD R5-2500U | AMD RX 560X | 8GB RAM | 1TB HDD | just $479 at Walmart (save $170)
This is a cheerful whippersnapper of a gaming laptop and a total bargain at this price. This will be ideal for lightweight games and esports, and is the perfect purchase for a secondary machine or someone's first.View Deal

HP Pavilion gaming laptop | 15.6" 1080p | i5-9300H CPU | GTZ 1050 GPU | 8GB RAM | 256GB SSD | just $599.99 at Walmart
Probably the cheapest gaming laptop we've seen recently, this lean machine will still handle most games but you will have to dial everything back quite a bit. Still, decent value though.View Deal

ASUS TUF FX505DT gaming laptop | AMD R7-3750H | GTX 1650 | 8GB RAM | 256GB SSD | just $749 at Walmart (save $250)
A really trimmed back gaming laptop but one that still offers solid performance and tremendous value. If you're looking to get a competent but cheap machine, this is it.View Deal

Lenovo Ideapad L340 Ideapad gaming laptop | 15.6" 1080p | i5-9300H CPU | GTX 1650 GPU | 8GB RAM | 512GB SSD | $773.95 at Amazon
This is a solid but unspectacular budget build. It's CPU is probably just about at the acceptable level that we'd prefer to go down to but the GPU, RAM and good-sized SSD should compensate for that.View Deal

ASUS TUF FX505DU gaming laptop | AMD R7-3750H | GTX 1660Ti | 8GB RAM | 256GB SSD | only $849 at Walmart (save $250)
A solid build centered around a1660Ti graphics card, though this time there are tradeoffs to be had in the shape of less RAM, and smaller storage - all reflected in the price however.View Deal

ASUS ROG Strix gaming laptop | 15.6" 1080p IPS | i5-9300H CPU | GTX 1660Ti GPU | 8GB RAM | 512GB SSD HDD | $949 at Walmart
On the cusp of the upper limit on this guide, this is a good offering from ASUS built around that terrific 1660Ti graphics card.View Deal

ASUS ROG Strix gaming laptop | 15.6" 1080p IPS | i7-9750H CPU | GTX 1650 GPU | 8GB RAM | 512GB SSD | only $949.99 at Newegg
The big wins here are the processor and the IPS screen, these will really enable that medium-good 1650 graphics card to come to life on this budget machine from ASUS.View Deal

EVOO 15 gaming laptop | i7-9750H | GTX 1660Ti | 16GB RAM | 512GB SSD | just $999 at Walmart (save $500)
This is a great deal and probably marks the top spec budget laptop one can realistically get nowadays with that i7 processor and 1660Ti graphics card under the hood.View Deal

Gaming laptops just over $1000

If you can stretch to just over the $1,000 mark, then you can edge closer to guaranteeing the spec you want and the accentuated versions of some of the builds above that go for less money but might not have everything you're looking for.

MSI GL63 gaming laptop | from $1,035.99 at Walmart
No specs ion the title of this one as you can choose your build here with options on RAM and HDD capacity: from 8 to 32GB of RAM; and from 512GB to 4TB. While, naturally the price goes up with each increment of either, there's value to be had here at just over $1,000.View Deal

MSI GL63 gaming laptop | 15.6" 1080p | i7-9750H CPU | GTX 1660Ti GPU | 16GB RAM | 512GB SSD | $1,099 at Walmart
A similar build from MSI but with a bit more on-board storage in the shape of that larger capacity SSD. Great, great value at seven dollars over the four-figure mark.View Deal

MSI GF65 Thin gaming laptop | 15.6" 1080p 120Hz IPS | i7-9750H CPU | RTX 2060 GPU | 16GB RAM | 512GB SSD | $1,123.99 at Amazon
If you can go over the four-figure mark, then this is really excellent value - due to the 2060 graphics card. This means that you will be jumping into ray-tracing enabled graphics and enjoying a step up from the graphics card that dominate this price level usually.View Deal

Lenovo Legion Y540 gaming laptop | 15.6" 1080p 144Hz IPS | i7-9750H CPU | GTX 1660Ti GPU | 16GB RAM | 512GB SSD | $1,199 at Walmart
You'll get a far pacier screen with this variant of the Lenovo Legion 7540 laptop and also a larger SSD which is great. But no other storage beyond that which is a bit of a pity.View Deal

None of the above gaming laptop deals caught your eye? Then be sure to check out our full guide to the best gaming laptops. If you prefer your machines to be static, then check out the best gaming PCs going, and if you're in need of a bigger screen then one of the best gaming monitors will prove a great companion to your new laptop.

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