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Charlie Higsons The Fallen Trailer Competition Winners

SFX is proud to showcase two of the winning entries in the competition to create a trailer for The Fallen , the latest book on Charlie Higson’s zombie series The Enemy . The Fallen , the fifth book in the series, is published by Penguin on 12 September.

First up, here’s the winner in the 16-24 age group.

Charlie Higson chose a winner from each of the three age categories and said this about the winner of 16-24s: “This was a really strong category with a huge number of entries, so it was very hard to pick an overall winner, but I loved how original and spooky this trailer was – so different to all the others. The clever use of animation and the ghostly figures of the children are very effective and this trailer really sticks in the mind.”

The winners of this category were a group led by Samuel de Ceccatty, a 23 year-old French-American living in London. He worked with animator Caroline Landry (22), composer Gaston Ardisson (17) and producer Manon Ardisson (24).

And here’s the winner of the 25 and overs age group.

Charlie said of the film, “This was a really professionally-made trailer, with particular attention paid to sound and music. It also captures the atmosphere of the series really well and has some really powerful shots.”

The winners of this category were a group led by James Lee, 24, from London. 12 people were involved and the others were Saruta Puff Pisanwalerd (25), Poom Saiyavath (25), Carl Ward-Reid (25), Mui Vattanasiriporn (24), Luke Doolin (32), Leanne Alamiri (19), Claudette Fruchier (33), James Pickering (35), Emmett Glynn (22), Maxwell Sweeney (22) and Ed Matthews (30).

These films and the winner of the under 16s category will be shown at the British Film Institute on Saturday 7 September during their monthly BFI Future Film event. Charlie Higson will be speaking at the event and will announce the overall winner of the competition, which will go on to become the official trailer for The Fallen. To find out more information about the event visit: .

More information about The Enemy at .