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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 City Memorials locations guide

Sciences District

1: At the start of the very first chapter, go to the far end of the alley and to the left will be this memorial in the shrine.

2: When you have talked to Zobek after returning from the City of the Damned, you will enter a bookshop and exit out into the Science District. Once you drop down, go to the left and this memorial will be beside the dumpster.

3: Just after the previous memorial, you will come to a large drop on the right with a stream of water behind a gate. On the ground, to the right of the gate, will be the memorial.

4: As soon as you hop over the fence that you knock out the electricity to, there will be a memorial on the wall to the right when you drop to the ground instead of going through the hole in the wall.

5: When you pass the disinfection station in the run down hospital, you will come to a few enemies in a hallway. The memorial will be on the right hand wall.

6: When you are in the run down hospital in the science district during The Antidote chapter, and you turn on the two switches in the basement to open the door, go through it and there will be a missing staircase to the right. Use the Demonic Wings to double jump up to the platform and at the top will be the memorial on the right side wall.

7: Just before you reach the elevator of the rundown hospital, you will get into a large fight at a large staircase. Once it is over, go up the stairs, hopping over the broken gaps and the memorial will be on the left wall.

8: As soon as you restore power to the door to leave the rooftop area, you will need to drop down and face two more Riot Police. Run to the far left and over the small broken barrier to find this memorial on the wall atop the stairs to the left.

9: Once you have returned to the Bioquimek plant, go through the hatch and the first room you drop into where you need to fight two Riot police will have this memorial in the corner.

10: When you cross the bridge when you are back outside and reach the HUGE statue in front of the two sets of stairs on either side of the building, go through the small opening on the right and you will find the memorial there.

11: When riding the cargo containers, ride them to the right and then drop down and ride them to the left. When you get near the end of the line, hop off to the platform on the left to find this memorial there.

12: When you reach the train station after the big crash, you can run back along the tracks to the next area where you can grab this on the other side of the tracks in the centre.

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