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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Intel collectibles location guide

Mission 7: Utopia 

Intel #19: As soon as the mission begins, simply turn around to see this laptop sitting on the desk there.

Intel #20: After you exit the sewers and make it back down to the street level, go left and you will see two wooden ramps on the left side. Go up them and make the first left. Follow the hallway around to stairs that go down and you will come out to a large room with many computers. Look for the intel near the centre.

Intel #21: After the boat section, you will come to a building you need to grapple up. Make three grapples and you will come to a section of roof with moving containers and an unfinished pool on the far side. Look to the right of the pool to see the laptop in the glass there. Break the glass and retrieve the intel.

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