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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Intel collectibles location guide

Mission 6: Manhunt 

Intel #16: As soon as you have cleared out the safe house of enemies, and you suit up, look to the right side of the balcony to see this laptop sitting on a table.

Intel #17: Once you are in the chase through the streets, after using the Wasp, you will come to a shop in the middle of two roads. Take the left road and keep left, continuing forward until you come to a set of stairs that have a 14/15 sign at the top. Inside the room there will be an ammo stash, a bed, and the laptop on the ground behind it.

Intel #18: When the sniper is shooting at you need to run for your life, you will run into Torres who will tell you where to get the Stinger Missile. Once he does, run up the stairs and enter the shop across the street on the left to find this laptop on the counter.

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