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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Intel collectibles location guide

Mission 4: Fission 

Intel #10: Once you drop down the elevator shaft, move forward and enter the room on the right. As soon as you enter, go to the right again to the small office there to find the laptop in the far corner on the left, sitting on the floor.

Intel #11: Once you take the cargo elevator up and then need to use your drone to clear the room out of enemies, you can find this laptop just ahead of when you regain control on your right side. Look between the two large turbines there and it will be sitting on a table.

Intel #12: At the end of the mission, when you are told to evacuate, you will run though a huge door and out to a catwalk for another large fight. Before you run down the stairs to get your hands dirty, go to the right on the catwalk and at the end will be the laptop sitting there.

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